Using a Stud Finder To Hang Your Flat-Screen Television

How can you use a stud finder to hang your flat-screen TV? It's easy. Use a stud finder to locate the safest place to mount your flat-screen.

Stud Finders for Safely Hanging Flat-Screen TVs

Flatscreen television has changed the way that we watch TV, in more ways than one. With the slim design the flat-screen television takes up far less space than traditional CRT tube TV’s and it’s a whole lot lighter which has made moving these TV’s a breeze. Another revolution that came with the flat-screen TV was the ability to mount the unit on the wall, instead of having to purchase a traditional TV stand.

The ability to mount the flat-screen television on the wall has changed the way that we experience TV, and it has changed the way that the interiors of our homes look like. When it comes to mounting a flat-screen television there is a bit of challenge that comes to mind, the first of which is anchoring the TV safely into the wall.

Mounting a TV into the wall involves finding the studs in the wall, and for those who might not know the studs are the wooden beams that make up the frame of your home. The skeleton of the home, where all of the support is derived from to keep your home standing. When you set out to mount a TV you are going to need a stud finder, and if you have never used a stud finder before there is a little bit of training that you’ll want to do to become familiar with the device.

Stud finders come in all shapes and sizes, and they range from magnetic to electronic. Finding the right stud finder for mounting a TV depends on how much you are willing to spend, and how fast you want to get the job done. Read on below as we take a look at how to use a stud finder properly to mount your TV on the wall.

How to Choose the best Stud Finder

The most traditional method for finding a stud in the wall used to be knocking on the wall with your fist until you heard an area that was not hollow, and although that method worked for decades we now have modern stud finders that can do the job for us. Finding a stud finder is not hard, they are sold in hardware stores and just about any other big-box retailer where electronics are sold. The stud finders can usually be found in the TV mounting section or the hardware section, so just keep your eye out for the words stud finder. Now, when you first look at a stud finder it's generally not anything amazing, but the stud finder will make mounting items securely onto your walls a much easier process.

The prices for stud finders can range from very expensive to very affordable, and basically, you just need to find an affordable model that will get the job done. Unless you plan on using your stud finder for other forms of construction there is no reason to go all out and spend a good deal of money on these devices. It is preferable to find a stud finder that’s rechargeable so that you won't have to spend money on batteries, and a lightweight model is going to make finding studs a lot easier on your arms. Overall, you just want a stud finder that will get the job done effectively so that you aren’t punching holes in your sheetrock for no reason.

How to decide Where You Want Your Television Mounted

When it comes to the mounting process for a TV probably one of the most tricky parts is deciding where you want the thing mounted because you want it to look good and you don’t want to have a ton of holes drilled into your wall from changing your mind. Ideally, you want the television to be toward the middle of the wall, about eye height with the viewers so that you aren’t hurting your neck trying to watch TV. You also want to make sure that the TV isn’t mounted where light is going to hit it because this is going to cause glare and it will affect the viewing experience quite a bit.

In addition to mounting the TV away from the light, you’ll also want to mount your TV close to plug outlets and any network connections. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a plethora of wires, which in the long run will only create problems for you and the aesthetic of your setup. The beauty of a wall-mounted TV is the fact that it looks great, and part of the beauty of a flat-screen TV is the fact that you can mount it just about anywhere and it will look much cleaner than if you had a bulky entertainment center.

How to use a Stud Finder

Once you have decided where your TV is going to be mounted now is the fun part, you get to use the stud finder. The first thing that you want to do is make sure that the stud finder has sufficient battery life because a stud finder is powered by an infrared sensor and if the battery is running low this will be inefficient at finding the studs. The next thing that you’ll want to do is to make sure that the stud finder is clean of any debris from the packaging, as this could also impede the unit getting a clear readout of the wall.

When you place the stud finder flat on the wall it will make a loud beeping sound, this sound is increased when you are on top of a stud. Now, stud finders can make an error which is why it’s important to make a couple of motions over the wall to be sure.

If you are using a stud finder on popcorn ceilings the readout can be false, so you’ll want to place the stud finder onto a piece of cardboard and then make the motions over the ceiling. Stud finders can be a very useful tool for mounting things onto your walls securely, and with a little bit of knowledge anyone can figure out how to use one.

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