7 Surprising Causes of Dark Spots

Why do you get dark spots on your face or body? We did the research. Check out what could be causing pesky skin darkening and imperfections.

What Causes Dark Spots On Your Skin?

Any dark spot or discoloration can be a nightmare for people who always dream of having spot-free, even skin tone. So yes, this article is for every single one of us.

The appearance of dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, is a condition that is caused by the increased levels of melanin in the body. Melanin is a pigment that is a key factor to determine your skin tone. Read on as we discuss a few surprising ways that cause dark spots in our skin. Then take steps to get rid of them, such as dark spot correctors and more.

Dark Spots and Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills can mess up the level of hormones in your body. This, in turn, can accelerate the appearance of dark spots in your skin. Keeping this in mind, it's recommended to steer clear of products that have a higher dose of hormones in them. Even if you have to use birth control, ask your health specialist to prescribe pills that have low levels of estrogen.

Computer Screen Radiation Causing Dark Spots

Sounds unbelievable, right? According to dermatologists, the radiation from your laptop or computer can be the main reason behind erythema ab igne, a form of hyperpigmentation. This type of hyperpigmentation has an appearance of net-like patches of discolored skin on your thigh areas. In fact, your TV screen, as well as any other screen that emits fluorescent lights, can be an active cause of dark spots.

Take care to not sit in front of the TV or computer for a longer time. If your job requires long periods of sitting, take breaks frequently. Don't forget to maintain a good distance from your computer screen as well.

Dark Spots Caused By the Fit of Your Bra

Another reason for you to get a bra that fits correctly is to stop the appearance of dark spots. A bra that fits too tightly can result in constant friction of the material against your skin, irritating it. Over time, the color of the area might even change looking a deep red with a shiny appearance.

If you feel your bra is cutting into your armpits or frequently cause bra burns, immediately throw it away. Take the help of a professional to find an inner garment that fits you better.

Not Wearing a Sunscreen Causes Dark Spots On Exposed Skin

The harmful rays of the sun can be one of the main reasons why you are seeing those dark spots on your face or back. It’s really important that you adopt the daily use of sunscreen in your routine to retain that youthful glow on your face. Also, don't leave your house instantly after the application. Let the cream absorb into the skin before leaving.

A Lack of Folic Acid Can Cause Dark Spots

Melasma refers to one of the chronic forms of dark spots. This type of skin condition occurs when there is a lack of folic acid in your body leading to hyperpigmentation. Hence, your diet plays a very important role to keep your skin healthy from within. Incorporate lots of green leafy vegetables, dried fruits and nuts, and whole grains for your lunch and dinner to keep folic acid at the required level.

Immediately Stepping Out into the Sun after Applying Citrus Products

Citrus products such as lime, lemon, and so on can cause a phototoxic reaction in our skin after we immediately step out into the sun. This reaction is known as berloque dermatitis which results in discoloration and the appearance of dark spots. Yes, even your face wash comes under this category.

If you’re about to step out on a bright sunny day, take care to skip products that contain citrus ingredients and like I mentioned above, apply sunscreen. Lots of it!

Removing Your Facial Hair

I mean I get it, facial hair does not look flattering. But, using wax, tweezers or depilatory creams is us exposing our skin to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. In order to protect your skin, follow your facial hair removal by applying hydrocortisone cream on the areas.

So, these were a few ways in which we unknowingly increase our chance to develop dark spots in our skin. It's not too late to look after your skin to keep these pesky spots away. Also, if you want to reduce your dark spots you can definitely try using dark spot correctors that can tremendously improve your skin texture, giving you an even complexion. If the problem still persists, schedule an appointment with a dermatologist as quickly as you can.

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