5 Surprising Facts About Indoor Tanning

Should you try indoor tanning? Here's what to know. Learn how to get that glow without actually spending time in the sun.

Indoor Tanning: What to Know About Sunless Tanning

Don’t we all love that sunkissed and bronzed glow to our skin? However, with our packed schedules, who really has the time anymore to get that perfect tan by laying under the sun for hours.

This makes indoor tanning lotion the perfect solution to all our tanning woes. Just imagine, you can get a bronzed glow by using indoor tanning lotions or a tanner within the comfort of your home! Talk about convenience and saving time!

The world of indoor tanning is actually quite interesting consisting of the perfect blend of facts and myths. In this article, we'll uncover five surprising facts that you may or may not know about everything indoor tanning-related. Let's begin!

Fact #1: You’ll Still Need to Apply Sunscreen the Next Time You Step Out

The tan you get from indoor tanning will not protect you from the sun. You need to still apply sunscreen whenever you step out of the house. If not, the harmful rays of the sun can damage the DNA in your skin, increasing the risk of cancer.

Also, getting a base tan and will not prevent you from getting sunburn as well. So yes, you need to lather that sunscreen on you before you step out of your house.

Fact #2: The Tanning Statistics of the United States of America Shows the Country’s Love for Bronzed Skin - 1 Million Daily Users!

It was found that in the United States, tanning salons were visited by nearly 1 million Americans every single day. No wonder, the total revenue generated by the indoor tanning industry is estimated to be at $2.6 billion.

It was found that indoor tanners mostly comprised of young, non-Hispanic, white women between the ages of 18 to 29. We’d also like to mention that children of women who preferred indoor tanning to sunbathe were more likely to become indoor tanners themselves later.

Fact #3: Tanorexia Will Explain Your Tanning Addiction

If you’re constantly worried about how

your tan looks and just cannot wait for your next tanning appointment, there are high chances that you suffer from tanorexia.

Tanorexia is a rare syndrome where a person becomes dependent on tanning. They perceive themselves as way too pale looking and develop a psychological and physical dependence on using, indoor tanning lotions, tanning beds or sunbathing. But, it is advisable to not resort to tanning too often. Too much exposure to harmful rays can increase melanoma risks which is something that our body doesn't need at all.

Fact #4: Indoor Tanning May Actually Help Your Skin

We kid you not! By opting for UVB light therapy, you may see a reduction in the symptoms of skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, and keratosis.

Exposure to UVB helps to reduce their inflamed appearance and the tendency of spreading throughout the body. Also, our body makes vitamin D by using the UVB light which is why people claim that indoor tanning can increase the level of vitamin D in our body. Even then, dermatologists suggest opting for a healthy diet consisting of fish, beef, dairy products, egg yolks, and cheese to obtain vitamin D.

Fact #5: Not All Indoor Tanning Salons can be Trusted, so You Need to be Careful

If you love indoor tanning, chances are that you prefer either an indoor tanning lotion or a tanning bed to help you out. In the case of the latter, you need to ensure that that tanning bed that you’re going to lie in is sanitized and free of any germs like bacteria or viruses. The presence of microbes in the beds can cause sickness later on.

Also, it was found that 90 percent of the staff at tanning salons gave “false and misleading information” to customers. They wrongly informed customers that there were no risks associated with tanning which is certainly not the case. In fact, some even made exaggerated claims about the body actually benefitting from tanning.

To conclude, indoor tanning can be convenient but it shouldn’t become a habit. Cancer is definitely not worth a few days of bronzed glory. Keeping this in mind, it's better to buy a good indoor tanning lotion, you’ll be able to skip a lot of the health risks that are commonly associated with tanning beds and sunbathing.

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