Tips for Applying the Perfect Mascara

New to mascara? We can help. Follow our tips to apply perfect mascara

Here's how to master applying mascara perfectly

Mascara can brighten up your eyes like no other cosmetic product, which makes it a very important part of every beauty regime. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to have a voluminous and luscious pair of lashes? It all looks simple but there are a few nuances to ensure that you nail your mascara look every single time.

Read on as we list some of our favorite mascara hacks that can make application super easy and effective no matter whichever mascara wand or formula you use. So, without any further ado, let us get started!

Mascara Tip #1 - Use a Good Quality Lash Curler Before Applying Mascara

A lash curler can give your lashes the oomph and density that they need. It is definitely a beauty must-have. Also, remember to curl your lashes before you apply your mascara. This will ensure that your lashes don’t get stuck to the tool which brings us to the importance of using a good quality lash curler. Bad lash curlers can cause you to lose your lashes so you need to be very careful when you’re buying one.

Mascara Tip #2 - Apply the Mascara to your Upper Eyelashes Only

When you skip applying mascara to your lower lash line then your eyes appear more open and wide. This is actually a little-known beauty hack as not a lot of us are aware of this. But, if you still feel like applying mascara to your lower lashes then ensure to just lightly brush through the lashes. Do a final touch up with a spoolie to separate every individual lash.

Also, you can place a tissue paper below your lashes to ensure a mess-free mascara application.

Mascara Tip #3 - Apply More than a Single Coat of Mascara

A lot of us know that we should apply at least two coats of mascara but there is a trick to this. You have to reapply your mascara before the first coat dries off. This will ensure that the product does not build up in an unflattering manner, giving you spider legs instead of thick and luscious lashes.

Mascara Tip #4 - Embrace the Zig-Zag Technique of Application

The zig-zag motion is the only way of applying mascara precisely and correctly. When you move your mascara wand in this motion then every single lash gets covered with the formula. This also helps to boost the lash from its roots giving you a fuller look.

Mascara Tip #5 - Buy a Lash Comb for your Lashes

The biggest advantage of using a lash comb is that you’ll never have to worry about clumps again. Some people consider this as an added expense but it can give you flawless looking eyelashes every time. Apply your mascara first, then use the lash comb from the base of your lash to the tip.

Mascara Tip #6 - Remove Excess Product from your Mascara Wand

Product buildup on your mascara wand can reduce its efficiency to give you a smooth application which, in turn, decreases its longevity. Also, when your wand is clean then the lash coverage is also greater. Keeping this in mind, it is better to wipe your wand to remove excess product from it.

Mascara Tip #7 - Refrain from Pumping your Mascara Tube with the Wand

When you pump your mascara more, you only introduce more oxygen into the tube. This dries out the mascara formula more quickly, and can also introduce infection-causing bacteria. So, if you want to reduce your shopping for mascara products it is better that you stop pumping it. Instead of pumping, opt for the twirling technique. Pull the mascara wand upwards and gently twirl it get a more even distribution.

Mascara Tip #8 - Give your Mascara a New Lease of Life

And if you feel that your mascara is not giving you the desired effect and is becoming clumpy, then place the tube in a hot glass of water. The heat from the water will thin the formula again giving the product a new lease of life. but, it is advisable to keep replacing your mascara every 3 to 4 months. This may seem a bit too much but it will give you a smoother application and then it's also better for your eyes as it'll reduce the chances of irritation.

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