Tips and Tricks for Better Eyeliner Results

New to eyeliner? We have advice. Use our tips to get better eyeliner results

Line your eyes like a pro with these tricks

Good things in life don’t come easy, and this is doubly true for perfect eyeliner. Lining our eyes is something many of us struggle with from the first time we first borrow a friend’s eyeliner in the middle school restroom and apply it with a shaky hand and a whole lot of blinking. We see the women on our favorite shows and movies with beautifully lined eyes and wonder how we can achieve such professional results at home. How do they do it?

The No-liner Look

To achieve the natural look that makes people think you just rolled out of bed looking beautiful, try tight lining. Tight lining is the most subtle way to use eyeliner. Start with a sharp eyeliner pencil and pull your top lid up while looking down into a mirror. Apply the dark lining pencil in short strokes right along the lash line. On your lower lids apply white or nude liner to the water line for a clean, open-eyed look. If you also want to define your lower lashes, apply the eyeliner tight against your lower lashes at the outer edge and lightly line to the middle of your bottom eyelid.

Connect the Dots

If you have trouble getting a smooth, straight line, try making dots or dashes along the top lash line and then connecting the dots. If you are using a liquid liner, you can make the dots and then gently smudge them together for a softer look. You can also try using a light brown eyeliner to draw your perfect winged look, or cat eye, because it’s easier to clean up mistakes with a light colored liner. Once you get it exactly right, you can trace over the light line with darker liner.

Avoid Uneven Eye-lining

There is no makeup mistake more frustrating than getting one perfectly winged top eyelid, and then another, but then looking at both in the mirror and realizing that they don’t match! Uneven eyes is a no-go. One good hack is to use a small post-it as a guide. Place it at the outer corner of your eye with the corner pointing up toward your outer brow. This is the perfect stencil to guide your upward flick. Repeat with the other eye and you should get a perfect match.

Set Your Line

Pencil eyeliner is easier to apply than liquid, but not as long-lasting. A good tip for making your pencil liner last all day is to set it by applying a dark eyeshadow over it using the pointed tip of your eyeshadow applicator. If you choose an eyeshadow that matches your eyeliner it creates a dramatic, smoky-eye look.

Perfect Wings

To create the perfect winged eyeliner look, you have to remember that the top line and bottom line must meet. Remember to apply your eyeshadow first. If you apply it after lining, you will smudge your line. Make sure you are using a sharpened eyeliner pencil. Draw a thin line close to your lash line, starting at the inner corner and working outward. Keep your eyelid flat while lining and don’t pull out the corners. Though this might make your liner initially go on easier, your line will look uneven when your release your eyelid.

Draw a series of dashes, rather than one smooth line. Then hold the point of your liner at the top outer corner of your lash line and extend diagonally up and out at a 45 degree angle. Line the bottom lash line from the center of the lower eyelid outward and extend the line under the top line until they meet. Then fill in the outline with your eyeliner pencil as close to the eyelashes as possible to avoid a gap.

You can correct any mistakes by using a cotton swab dipped in concealer. Remember, it’s best to start with a thin line because it’s easier to add liner to thicken then to take it away.

A Smudge Fixes All Mistakes

One great tip to remember is that the smudge tip on the other end of most eyeliner pencils can easily fix an uneven line in a hurry by turning your sharp line into a blurry, smoky line. This is a good quick fix if you don’t have the time or patience for a redo. Smudging the line will give you an instant sexy look that you might actually prefer compared to the look you were originally going for.

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