Tips for Finding the Right Concealer

What's the best concealer for you? Here's our expert guide. Pick a concealer that's just right for a flawless and finished look.

What Type of Concealer Should You Use?

Finding the right concealer can sometimes be a challenge. The right concealer can cover discolorations, lighten dark areas, and disguise blemishes. The wrong concealer, however, can make your skin tone look uneven, make your dark spots stand out more, and can draw unwanted attention to your zits. That’s why it’s important to find the right concealer for you.

There are three main types of concealer to choose from: liquid, stick, and cream. In this article, I will explain the differences between each type of concealer. Some concealers work better for certain skin types than others. Knowing more about the various types of concealer and their impact on your skin type will help you find the right concealer for you!

Liquid Concealer for Oily or Combination Skin

This type of concealer is excellent for combination, oily, and breakout-susceptible skin. It comes in a variety of finishes including satin, matte, and shimmer. Liquid concealer is a flexible concealer as it gives coverage for all kinds of skin types except for dry. This concealer is smooth to the touch, making it the perfect tool for covering pimples. It is made with breathable ingredients that are less likely to clog your pores: an issue you often run into when using stick or cream concealers. It’s suitable for use on wrinkles because its texture makes it less likely to crease all day long.

Liquid concealers with a matte finish last longer than concealers with a satin finish; they are much less likely to wear off throughout the day. If you have dry pores and skin, avoid a liquid concealer with a matte finish because the finish will emphasize your dryness. Satin-finish liquid concealer provides a more natural appearance, particularly when covering up blemishes. A liquid concealer with added shimmer works well for the area beneath the eyes because it covers and highlights your eyes with a gentle glow. It decreases the appearance of bags under your eyes while also helping your natural eye color pop. It is often applied with a blending sponge or a cotton ball.

Stick Concealer for Dry or Sensitive Skin

This type of concealer is designed for normal, dry, and sensitive skin. It comes in both satin and matte finishes. Stick concealer is appropriately named for its semi-solid texture that is often shaped to look like a marker or a stick. It is richly pigmented and has a thick, creamy texture. This form of concealer can be dotted on and then blended together with your finger.

I wanted to point out that the ingredients that allow these concealers to hold their shape also pose an excessive chance of clogging pores. This means people who have smaller pores or people who struggle with severe acne should try their best to avoid this type of concealer. Stick concealers are optimal for small coverage areas. I do not suggest applying a concealer stick for large surface areas; liquid concealer and cream concealer would be more suitable for that.

Cream Concealer for Normal or Combination Skin

This type of concealer is great for normal, dry, or combination skin. Cream concealers typically offer medium to full coverage. This kind of concealer is generally packaged in a small bowl or palette. Cream concealers work properly beneath the eyes to cover up dark circles and discoloration. They have a thick consistency, so they need to be applied with a sponge or a small concealer brush.

When you have oily pores or skin with enlarged pores, avoid using a cream concealer as those textures generally tend to amplify the appearance of pores. If you use this type of concealer, you are more likely to notice wrinkles because cream concealers tend to crease when worn all day long. Bonus tip: you can prevent this by setting your concealer with some pressed powder.

Conclusion: How to pick the right concealer for your skin type

When it comes to finding the right concealer for you, you must start by knowing what type of concealers work best for your skin tone. Liquid concealer is ideal for oily or combination skin, stick concealer is ideal for dry or sensitive skin, and cream concealer is ideal for normal or combination skin. We hope this article will make it easier to find the right concealer for you.

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