All the Tools You Need to Make Your Home Dye Experience Easier

Dyeing your hair? We can help. Use these tools to dye your hair more easily

Use these tools for an easier hair dyeing experience

It's that time of the year; you need to haul yourself out to the salon to get your hair colored to maintain consistency or to get a new look. No doubt, having professional hair treatment is something to look forward to, it can also quickly add up in cost and time.

So if you want to avoid that trip to the hair salon, and still look good, you can do it yourself! At home hair dyeing can be just as successful as a salon dye job. I usually color my hair on my own, it optimizes the time, and I can have a little fun with my hair. Oh, come on! How often do you actually take time to get to know your hair?

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While coloring your hair can save you time, you would need to about an hour to two for the process. Purchasing the hair color would perhaps take up the bulk of the cost. You can get advice at a beauty supply store, the associates are really helpful and give good advice on the products, suggestions to hair colors and in-depth information you might not be aware of for each product. Or, you can search online for the best products and read up on recommendations and reviews.

Tools Tool Tools

A tradeswoman is never complete without her tools. So here's a comprehensive list of tools needed to make your home dye experience easier! These are the tools you can easily procure off the shelves. Let's start with the dye itself.

Hair Color Box: Just pick out a box of hair dye that you like from the shelf and make sure to note that either your hair is virgin hair or have had previous colors. The effect of the selected color will affect the outcome of your hair. Be sure to choose the best type of hair color for your needs.

Hair Toner & Developer: If you are looking for a color you like without the standard box, you can mix them up on your own. Make sure you know the ratio of toner to developer before proceeding.

Old Shirt / Large Plastic Bag: You can use an old shirt that you don't mind getting stains and multicolored at the end of the day (it's free tie-dye) or like me, you can cut out a hole at the bottom of the bag for entry of your neck to prevent dye on your shirt.

Latex Gloves: To prevent the dye from transferring to your hand - if you purchased a box hair dye, it should be included.

Petroleum Jelly: Petroleum jelly prevents staining the skin. You can apply generously on your scalp if you are coloring from the roots.

Comb: Grab a comb you don't mind having dye on, and you can use it every time you color your hair.

Small Paint Brush: Not just for highlights, but even if you are dyeing your whole head of hair, using a small paintbrush helps to even out the tones. It is also easier to manage when you brush sections of your hair.

Timer: Use a kitchen timer or your phone to set the desired time for the dye to set in your hair.

Clips & Bands: Sectioning out your hair in parts can get some assistance to stay in place from some hair clips and rubber bands. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may need more clips and bands.

Aluminum Foil: If you are high/low lighting your hair, you will need to separate it into sections with a few strands each to create that effect. Enclosing it in the foil will keep the color from touch other parts of your hair.

Tray / Box: To prevent stains on your skin or countertop, lay a tray with a newspaper or a paper box where you can place your tools as you are working through your hair.

Bowl: A ceramic, plastic or disposable bowl would come in handy to mix your toner and developer, or your solution from the box. 

Pro Tip:  It is essential to strand test your hair so that you know how the dye turns out on your hair. Pick out a couple of strands of about an inch, preferably hair not visible to the world, and apply some of the dye as you would for your hair. Dry your strand and see if the color is what you expected, or you can change the ratio of your toner to the developer. If by some chance, it is not what you like at all, you can be happy that it's not your entire head.

It would probably start hard to get adjusted to do your hair coloring. Don't fret, with some practice, and if you can get someone to help you, it will be easy, and you will have fun doing it in the process.

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