Top 5 Hairstyling Tips for Men

What are the best ways to style men's hair? Here's what to know. Check out our top tips for getting a great look—that will get you plenty of looks...

Men's Hairstyling Techniques: The Best Looks of 2019

It is said that your hairstyle is 99 percent of your selfie. Even if you aren’t fond of taking photographs of yourself, you have to agree on the fact that well-groomed hair can instantly make you look more pleasant and appealing.

Skincare may take a backseat for them, yet men have always been particular about their hair. They are always on the lookout for hair products that are specially created for men to up their hair game.

While there is a lot of focus on hairstyling tools and tips for women, men sometimes aren’t always taken into consideration. In this article, we will list the top hairstyling tips for men.

Hairstyling Tip for Men #1: Figure Out the Hair Product that Will Suit You

Gel, wax, pomade, slime, paste — there are just so many hair products for men available in the market! Finding the need for the correct hairstyling product can get overwhelming but it all comes down to the look that you want.

If you want a sleek hair, you should opt for hair gel. Whereas a messy and just-got-out-of-the-bed look can we achieved using hair clay or pastes. If you want a more defined and voluminous look with a firmer hold (think Hasan Minhaj in Patriot Act), a pomade is what you’re looking for.

In addition to the look, the application varies as well. Wax, paste, and clay work best on dry hair. Do not, we repeat, do not use these hair products on wet hair as it will make it look clumpy. On the other hand, hair gels and creams can be perfect for styling damp hair. Finger-comb the product into the hair and style it the way you want.

Hairstyling Tip for Men #2: Don’t Take Too Much Hair Product

No matter how tempting it might look, stop yourself from applying too much hair product. A dime-sized amount is all you need for any style that you are aiming for. Warm the product between your palms and then start working it from the roots. If you don’t warm the product, you may end up with sticky hair.

Hairstyling Tip for Men #3: Spend Time Grooming Your Hair

You have to make a point to properly shampoo your hair to get rid of that dirty and greasy look. Currently, more people are favoring longer hair which makes this even more important. Another advantage of proper shampooing is that the product spreads better as well.

We would like to point out that even though we are emphasizing the importance of shampooing, washing your head too much can make it dry and brittle. The idea is to remove the grease and not the essential oils are needed for the shine in your hair. Over-shampooing can strip the hair strands from these oils and since our hair takes time to replenish it, you will end up with dull hair.

Don’t forget to get the occasional haircut to get the split ends removed and have a crisp, sharp look. While you are at it, give the same love to your beard or mustache.

Hairstyling Tip for Men #4: Make Use of the Hairstyling Tools Available

There are just so many hair styling tools such as a blow dryer, hair straighter, and even a hair curler. Just like women, even men have the freedom to experiment with their hair.

If you want a more voluminous look, use a blow dryer along with a comb for styling. When your hair is slightly damp, start combing your hair up while using the tool to dry your hair. As a result of this technique, your hair will mostly stay up.

Using a hair straightener and hair curler is pretty self-explanatory. Just don’t forget to use a heat protectant before you do your hair.

Hairstyling Tip for Men #5: Always be Open to Trying Something New

Traditionally, a lot of societal restrictions have been placed on men regarding what they should and shouldn't do with their hair. Keep in mind that with the changing trends, nothing is too feminine or masculine. Do whatever you want with your hair provided it looks good on you. If you want to make a bun or get pink highlights, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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