Top Ways to Minimize Your Pores

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How to Minimize Your Pores

Embracing the natural texture of your skin is healthy, to be sure, but we totally understand if you sometimes wish your pores looked smaller.

Now, wishing for our pores to totally disappear would be wrong since it’s a passageway for the oil and sweat to reach the dermis. So, literally the best way to feel more confident about yourself is to minimize its appearance. In this article, we will list out the top ways that you can minimize your pores.

Cleaning and Exfoliating Your Face

Although this is a short-term solution, keeping your face clean will prevent your pores to expand for holding the extra oil and dirt buildup. With the help of exfoliation, you can remove the layer of dead cells that also accumulates in our force. Not only do dead cells lead to breakouts, but it can also enlargen your pores.

For deep cleansing your pores, you will have to use heat or steam to open them up first. A simple way to do this is to apply a warm washcloth to your face before you start exfoliating your skin.

Never Sleep with Your Makeup On

No matter how tired you are, if you have makeup on, you need to wash your face before going to sleep.

Leaving your make up on throughout the night can clog your pores to the point of even stretching them over a longer span of time. In case of lethargic emergencies, always keep a pack of face wipes at your bedside to get all the gunk off your face.

Invest in the Right Kind of Pore Minimizer

While there are a lot of skincare products that may or may not help you minimize your pores, choosing a pore minimizer is hands down the best option. This is mainly because beauty companies create pore minimizers for the very purpose of shrinking your pores.

In most of the cases, pore minimizers contain magnesium and zinc that help to regulate the oil balance of our skin while simultaneously clearing our pores. Soothing ingredients like rosemary and lavender are also common additions to these products. All these ingredients help to give the pores a smaller appearance and prevent it from stretching out further.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself and Off Your Face

Our hands, especially unwashed, can be quite dangerous for the wellbeing of our skin. They contain bacteria that can transfer to our face which, in turn, will enter our pores. Not only will this lead to our skin breaking out, but it can also clog our pores.

The only time your hands are allowed to be on your face? When you are cleaning your skin or applying skincare products.

Don’t Step Out of the House Without SPF Protection

You must have probably heard about the importance of wearing sunscreen whenever you leave your house. Well, add another reason to your list.

The harmful UV rays of the sun can lead to the production of free radicals. These will break down elastin and collagen in our skin making it appear loose and saggy which, in turn, can make our pores look even larger. Keeping this in mind, you need to slather lots of sunscreen, preferably one with higher SPF, whenever you step out of the sun.

We would also like to point out the advantage of using a formula that has a matte finish. Shiny sunscreen formulas will only make your pores look more prominent making them an absolute no-no. If you want, you can also opt for a primer with SPF to provide you protection from the sun while smoothening your pores.

Pay Careful Attention to Your Diet

From the time we are born, we’ve always heard that we are what we eat. In the case of our pores too the case isn’t different.

You should incorporate foods that are high in antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables in your diet. Skip unhealthy and high-fat foods such as cookies, candies, and sugar as they lead to inflammation that can clog our pores.

Lastly, Keep that Magnifying Mirror Away

We have to understand that the way we see our skin, no one else can view it. If you naturally have larger-looking pores, you really can’t do much about it as well. So, it is better to reduce the size of your pores without making it the only goal in your life.

Following the above tips can definitely give you a much better-looking visage but, you have to prepare yourself to loosen up and enjoy the ride.

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