How to Troubleshoot Wireless Earbuds

Issues with earbuds? We can help. Use these pointers to troubleshoot your wireless earbuds.

The lowdown on troubleshooting problems with wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds are the latest and greatest when it comes to audio technology, and with good reason. The best wireless earbuds will keep you tangle-free when it comes to cords and offer easy use and a sleek look.

Unfortunately, wireless earbuds aren’t cheap, so when something goes wrong with your pair, you don’t want to waste any time figuring out the problem and getting it solved. The moment your wireless earbuds stop playing sound, here are some quick and easy troubleshooting techniques you can use to figure out the problem from home. Seeing a technician can be pricey, and buying a new set of wireless earbuds should only be a last resort. There’s lots to know when it comes to how to troubleshoot wireless earbuds. Luckily, it’s all here for you.

Try Restarting Your Devices

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but when it comes to technology, it’s also tends to be the solve-all for nearly every electrical device that begins acting up. The best approach to restarting a device is to completely power down the electronic rather than resetting. Do this with both your wireless earbuds and whatever device you are trying to connect them to.

Once each device is turned off, wait ten to fifteen seconds before turning them back on. Chances are, this simple trick could very well have solved your problem.

Keep an Eye on Battery Levels

If a device is out of energy, it’s not going to turn on. If a device is low on energy, it may also start acting finicky. Always be sure to check all your devices’ power levels before attempting to use them. If you find that your wireless earbuds turn on but have a flashing battery light, you might need to spend some time charging them before use.

Stay Away From Possible Interferences

On occasion, objects you’re situated near can lead to a fuzzy connection on your bluetooth earbuds. Look out for the likes of wifi routers, magnets, microwaves, and other bluetooth devices when using your wireless earbuds.

One simple way to test whether or not something in your immediate proximity is causing a problem with your wireless earbuds is to take your device outside and listen for any changes in audio quality.

Check Your Pairings

If you use your wireless earbuds with multiple devices, you may need to double-check that they are paired with the device you’re currently trying to use and not another device. Always follow your wireless earbuds’ instructions for pairing and double check your pairing if you don’t seem to be getting any sort of connection.

Make Sure the Battery Isn’t Damaged

Along with having a charged battery, you also need to make sure your battery isn’t damaged. One of the most common reasons for wireless earbuds to stop working is that they have a bad battery. Batteries can go bad by being overused, touching water, or simply malfunctioning because of poor manufacturing.

Ensure the Audio Levels Are Balanced

If you put your wireless earbuds into your ears and find that one is louder than the other, you’re likely having a problem with audio balance. To solve an audio balance issue, check with your main device to make sure that the audio isn’t set to only the right ear or left ear.

Check to See If Your Track Is Mono

Sometimes, when wireless earbuds don’t seem to be working or the sound quality is off, it’s not actually the earbuds that are causing the problem. Rather, it is possible that the audio track you’re trying to listen to is causing the issue.

If audio is only coming out of one wireless earbud, the track may be mono, in which case, the issue has nothing to do with your wireless earbuds.

Reconnect the Bluetooth

If you try playing multiple tracks and can’t hear any of them through your wireless headphones, try reconnecting the bluetooth to the paired device. To do this, unpair the devices and wait ten to fifteen seconds before trying to pair them again. If the pair is successful, play your audio track to see if the reconnect solved the issue.

Still Having Problems?

When all else fails, you can always take your wireless earbuds to a technician or the store where you bought them from to see if you can have them repaired or replaced. Many wireless earbuds come with a warranty, so always be sure to hold onto your original receipt and keep track of the amount of time that has passed since purchasing your wireless earbuds.

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