Different Types of Eye Shadow and Their Uses

What are the different types of eyeshadow? We'll explain when and how to use each one. Read our top tips here.

Types of Eyeshadow and How to Use

Eye shadow is a great way to complete a look, make your eyes pop, or even make you look bright-eyed after a long night. Using pigment on the eyelids and around the eyes has a long history throughout the world, but today’s variety of types and colors of eyeshadow is unparalleled. With so many choices, however, can come confusion about their different uses. Fortunately, we have you covered! Read on to find out more about different eyeshadow types.

how to use Powder Eye shadow

Powder eyeshadow is made from different-colored pigment that has been pressed and compacted into small containers. This is pretty much the type of eyeshadow that everyone has seen either on their own or in beautiful color pallets. Powder often has the best color selection and is pretty easy to apply. Even if you prefer another kind, powder you’ll probably have at least one powder eyeshadow in your makeup bag.

Uses for Powder Eye shadow: Powder is great for the everyday look as well for a special occasion. Powder eyeshadows are typically easy to blend- and you should blend them unless you are going for the nineties look. This type of eyeshadow is generally applied in several layers, so you don’t have also super forgiving and easy to fix if you are new to makeup. Keep in mind that some powders are more intense than others- especially if you are working with a metallic powder.

Powder eyeshadow is best applied with brushes, but, in a pinch, you can also use a cotton tip applicator or even your fingers. Simply dip the brush into the powder and apply to your eyelid. Keep in mind that most powders are not super vibrant on their own but can stand out a little bit more with a good primer.

how to use Stick Eye shadow

Super convenient, handy and easy to apply, stick eye shadow, also called pencil eyeshadow has become increasingly popular over the last decade. This type of eyeshadow basically looks like a thick eyeliner or brown pencil and comes in a variety of colors. The pigment is more saturated compared to powder eyeshadow, so you won’t have to layer and you probably won’t need a brush.

Uses for Stick Eye Shadow: You can use stick eye shadow almost any time you use powder eyeshadow. Stick eyeshadow is super easy to apply — you can just roll it, or pencil, it on. Keep in mind that these eyeshadows can be pretty intense so you may want to use powder for some of your look and roll on for another.

Stick eye shadows are also great for their ease of travel — just cap the stick, which is already compact, and throw it in your bag. The stick is also great on the go for an extra pop of color and, in a pinch, can double as eyeliner.

what to know about Eye shadow Pigment

Pigments are known for their intensity and will usually come in small bottles because, unlike powder eyeshadow that’s been pressed and has a sealing agent, pigment eyeshadow is loose. You want to be very careful with your eyeshadow pigment because it does have a tendency to fly around once the lid is open, which can make application messy. Keep in mind that you’ll also need a primer or an underlying coat of a different type of eyeshadow for the pigment to seal.

Eyeshadow Pigment Uses: Pigments are best when you want a vibrant and bold look. Light color pigments are also great for costume makeup because they are very vibrant and can be applied with a brush- just remember to use a primer first.

how to use Cream eye shadow

Cream eyeshadows offer the boldness of pigment with the blending ease of a powder. You can apply cream eyeshadow with a brush, but it’s actually better to use your fingers in this particular case. Of course, you want to make sure that your fingers are clean and to apply a primer first to avoid creases.

Cream Eyeshadow Uses: These are great for a bold look with a little less effort and a lot more room for error when compared to pigments. You can also use these to supplement costume makeup or to add shimmer to an existing look.

How to use Liquid eye shadow

Liquid eyeshadow actually looks like a lip stain and goes on just as easily. It may feel a little wet, but it’s easy to apply and will dry quickly. The downside is having color that is a little too bold and you may want to use other types of eyeshadow to create a balance. If you have a color that’s naturally muted, however, you are pretty much set.

Liquid Eyeshadow Uses: Liquid eyeshadow is great if you want a bold look with minimal effort. It can be good for beginners as well because it’s just one swish over the lid and you get a nice color.

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