Different Types of Recliners: How to Choose the Right One

What are the different types of recliners? We'll explain. Read about two-position, rocker, riser, and push-back recliners and start relaxing.

Types of Recliners: Which Recliner Style Is Best For You?

Recliners are regarded as very comfortable seating options as it brings coziness and relaxation in the home.

The very first step in choosing your recliner is to establish which style would best fit your needs and your decor. Following is some information concerning the top three types of recliners,

What are Two-Position Recliners?

This type of recliner has two seating positions, recline and upright. If you wish to recline fully, you can release the footrest by merely touching a button or lever that is situated towards the side of the chair.

Even though this recliner is more affordable as opposed to other recliners, the two-position is limited concerning fabric, color, and other design options.

It is the kind of recliner that is ideal for larger areas as you need more room to accommodate the footrest.

What are Rocker Recliners?

Among the more popular recliners to date is the rocker. You rock back and forth while in an upright seating position. It also features various kinds of handle options and comes in an assortment of reclining angles. People refer to this type of recliner as the “wall-saver.”

It is a perfect fit for a smaller space as it allows one to play around with a variety of furniture pieces without anyone noticing it.

What are Push-Back or Flex-Back Recliners?

All you have to do is move your back into the seat of the recliner, and it will automatically fall back to your desired position. These usually feature and Ottoman that serves as a footrest or can even be used as extra seating. Considered to be more of a stylish recliner among its contemporaries, they are often made with leather materials.

How Do You Choose the Best Recliner for you?

Nothing beats the feeling of sinking into a plush chair and having your feet up after a strenuous day at the office or while out and about. Recliners are ideally suited for this purpose. The trouble is, how do you know you chose the right one?

Earlier on, we had a look at the different types of recliners. Now, let us go into a bit more detail as to the features of each one:

  • Two-position types - This one features a fully reclined and upright position. It is a case of releasing the footrest to go into a full-on lying position. With this recliner, you get what you pay for as it is limited to two positions only. Also, you would require a larger area to enjoy the recliner fully.
  • Rockers - You can recline at several angles to allow you to watch sports, enjoy a hot cuppa, or take a nap at noon. As you can move this one closer to your walls, you do not need as much space.
  • Pushback - There is no built-in footrest to worry about as you push yourself back the moment you sit down and immediately experience the recline. It is only the back that moves out. Therefore, you need even less space than the other two. These feature sleek lines and are similar in price to the two-position type.

Did we mention that there is another type of recliner, the Riser?

Risers are motorized recliners that lift upward, which enables you to lift yourself out without too much of an effort. These are said to be very expensive, but for a good reason, as they are perfect for people with physical disabilities. It is very easy to sit or stand without requiring assistance. Users do not have to concern themselves about getting shocked as the electric motor simply plugs into a wall socket through a transformer that minimizes the voltage. No doubt, this recliner type needs plenty of space and has to be placed well away from the walls.

When at home looking to lay low or wanting to rest, you do not want to find yourself sitting in a hard or uncomfortable chair. It pays to buy some time out and search for the best recliner around and spoil yourself with a lazy boy or any other make.

Be sure to think about the decor of your room when choosing a recliner as it needs to match the rest of the furniture. Many like to have a consistent theme and should be careful in selecting the right brand and make to align with their preferences.

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