Types of Sleep Masks: How to Choose

There are a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and styles, and choosing the right sleep mask can mean feeling comfortable, rested, and ready to go.

Sleep Masks Types

Sleep Masks: How to Choose

People who work shifts and need some rest for their weary souls during the day will benefit immensely from wearing sleep masks. The term refers to a lightweight barrier you would place over your eyes when sleeping. Users generally make use of an elastic band to wrap a sleep mask around their heads.

The whole purpose of these kinds of accessories is to create artificial darkness that will let you feel more relaxed and trick the body into thinking it is nighttime while it is, in fact, daytime.

Most sleep masks are designed from materials such as silk, polyester, cotton, or nylon.

Some of these would even feature foam padding to provide additional cushioning for blocking light. They usually range in price from $20 to $30 per mask.

Since they are compact and lightweight, sleep masks can be taken with you wherever you may go and is ideal when traveling.

It would be best to consider your options concerning different types of sleep masks. What comes to mind is wool, silk, and cotton if you are looking for top-quality eye masks.

Types of Sleep Masks Best Suited to Your Well Being

We all want to experience an improved sleep quality, which is achievable if you can doze off faster, and wake up feeling well rested. Let's take a look at some handy sleep aid options.

Alaska Bear Silk Sleep Masks

What if you could get yourself a sleep mask that everyone raves about due to the comfortable feeling they experience every time? Well, have you heard of the Alaska Bear masks that feature hypoallergenic silk fabrics that not only feels good but provides your skin with welcoming breathability? Even better, it comes equipped with an adjustable strap too.

Contoured Eye Masks

How about a contoured fit that ensures complete comfort. Right now, there is an eye mask that entirely blocks out any light without any added pressure thanks to the soft inner material cups to cover each eye, and it is super light.

Cotton Sleep Masks

Some of you may favor a bigger-sized eye mask that also features a comfy cotton material to ensure a luxurious feel and breathability. Cotton eye masks come with a thick strap that provides a customized fit around your head. What is great about this type of sleep mask is that it fully black out any light, and is very soft on your eyes. Side sleepers will love the fact that it does not move around and away from your eyes while sleeping.

Mulberry Silk Sleep Masks

Experience what it is like to be royalty by covering your tired eyes with a mulberry silk sleep mask. Like other eye masks, this one features an adjustable strap that offers a custom fit for any sized head.

The beauty of wearing masks like these is that the clasps are incredibly streamlined without the user feeling like the straps are digging right into their skin.

IMAK Sleeping Masks

It sure is a fantastic feeling to spoil yourself with a two-in-one product like this one. IMAK should be on top of your list as it effectively blocks out light while simultaneously offering a welcome cooling and compression relief.

People who often wake up feeling all puffy-eyed will love this eye mask thanks to the user-friendly bead filling that effectively cools your eyes while sleeping.

The mask is made from lycra and cotton fabrics and features a comfortable elastic strap that conforms to your face.

How Users Benefit From Wearing Sleeping Masks

Nowadays, you even get sleep masks that offer a complimentary set of earplugs so that you may block out excess noise as well.

In our modern times, we are continually exposed to light at night. Whether it be the ensuite bathroom light, bedroom TV, or smartphone next to you, all these contribute to a disruption of melatonin that will harm our sleep quality.

Sleep masks will remedy the problem by ensuring the area surrounding us stays dark throughout, so our bodies may experience sufficient melatonin levels.

Be sure to wear your eye mask for 10 to 20 minutes when taking a nap in the daytime.

Another useful tip is to make use of sleep masks as a summertime hack to allow one to remain cool during extreme heat waves.

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