Upcoming Innovations in the Bedroom

Temperature-controlled bedding, smart storage solutions, and innovative lighting are just a few

What Are The Latest Innovations In Sleep Technology?

There's no doubt that the bedroom is a private haven where most of us retreat to wind down during the day or to sleep through the night. Roughly, a third of our lives are spent in this room.

This is why it will serve our best interests to pay some attention to decorating this area of our home, and outfitting it with products and technologies that will make it as comfortable and functional as possible. Temperature-controlled bedding, smart storage solutions, high-tech mattress constructions, and innovative lighting are just a few of the new products that can make your bedroom as welcoming as possible.

Follow along as we focus on some exciting new innovations in the bedroom.

Bedding That Keeps You Cool

One of the key reasons that many of us experience a miserable night's sleep is due to feeling too hot. Memory foam mattresses tend to overheat due to the type of material it is made of.

You could solve the problem by spending quite a bit of money on a pricey gel mattress. But it may make more sense to get yourself a mattress topper instead.

Kryo developed a cooling mattress topper that operates as a water-based system, allowing one to control the temperature of your mattress. Initially, you use your smartphone to adjust the temperature according to your comfort level, but after collecting ten nights of data, the app learns your preferences and automatically makes the necessary adjustments throughout the night.

The system also monitors your sleep cycles to further enhance the quality of your sleeping experience.

Smart Storage Solutions

Without a doubt, floor space is regarded as a premium when you have to contend with a small bedroom. Wouldn't you like a way to maximize your storage space?

Recently, we've seen the rise of hanging furniture and storage units within the bedroom area. It maximizes floor space and leaves more room to move about freely. Look for items that not only hang from the wall, but suspend from the ceiling as well — even beds!

Another storage innovation we've seen is in the area of pull-out shelving in cabinets and closets. The newest designs feature touch-activated doors that swing open at the lightest touch. Many cabinets even have lighting that turns on automatically when the doors are opened, to help you easily find what you're looking for.

Lighting Fixtures of the Future

Have you considered using state-of-the-art solar indoor lighting? These are truly unique in the way they are designed. Not only does this type of lighting enable out of the ordinary visionary indoor activities, but the optional LED battens and LED E27 lamps provide enough light to ensure comfortable surroundings and afford simplicity.

You will notice that some types of lighting systems feature standard USB ports that allow one to power USB-based devices such as a LED torch and for charging your mobile phone.

Other lighting systems can be connected to a smart home system so lamps can be scheduled to turn on and off on a schedule: imagine your bedroom light fixture gradually dimming as bedtime nears, or the lights turning on at night even when you're on vacation, deterring burglars.

Lofts: Not Just for College Kids

Loft beds may be most commonly found in college dorm rooms or in kids' rooms. but they shouldn't be overlooked as an innovative way to save space and maximize the layout of your bedroom area.

By installing a loft bed, you can double the amount of space available to you and use the area underneath as a closet, a home office, or a seating area.

Innovative Bedroom Divider

In a studio or loft space, a rotating bedroom divider can help close off your sleeping area, and can also maximize enjoyment of your television from both rooms. The television set can be wall-mounted on the divider, and the wall rotated depending on if you want to watch in your bedroom or in your living area.

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