USA Dishwasher Statistics

Learn how America chooses, and uses, its dishwashers

Dishwasher Usage in American Homes

There are all kinds of things you want to consider when you purchase a dishwasher. Among those things are statistics that might help you make that decision.

You want to be sure that you are getting the best type of dishwasher possible when you are about to make such a large purchase.

Since the price of dishwasher units are in range with many other types of kitchen appliances, you want to be sure the investment is worth putting your hard-earned money into and results in helping you rather than harming.

USA Dishwasher Statistics

From 2005 to 2010, dishwasher units sold were going down considerably. Many households were reconsidering the purchase of a dishwasher, and many more already had one which made purchasing one unnecessary. The reason for the decrease in dishwasher units sold had to do with the quality of the appliance and the reputation of them.

However, in 2011 until the present time, dishwasher sales are going back up. Dishwashers shipped went from 5.4 million units to 8.34 million units. The number of dishwasher units is expected to go up as dishwashers start to use modern technology that makes them energy efficient and much more useful for households all across the country.

Environmental concerns

Dishwashers have had a bad reputation for being energy beasts that suck up tons of energy and use much more water than washing by hand does for a typical family. For this reason, many households who have dishwashers aren’t using them.

As a matter of fact, surveys have proven that one in every five households who have a dishwasher, isn’t using it because of environmental concerns and due to dishes not being cleaned in the manner that was expected.

These concerns include:

  • Excess energy usage
  • Over-use of water
  • Air pollutants

As dishwashers have started measuring their quality by ENERGY STAR standards, there has been a significant increase in these units meeting environmental concerns proactively.

Today, dishwashers that are ENERGY STAR certified cost approximately $35 a year to run. This makes them much more cost-effective than alternatively washing dishes by hand.

Moreover, the lifetime of a dishwasher that is certified will also save 3, 870 gallons of water per year that otherwise would literately go down the drain.

Due to the fact that certified dishwashers are being made to be much more energy efficient, air pollutants and greenhouse gases that are generated from the manufacturing and dispersion of electricity is reduced in intensity with the use of these dishwashers.

Technological Advances

There are key features in newer dishwasher unit that will tempt you to consider upgrading the one you currently have.

Better Jets: The new jets that are being installed in dishwashers are proving to be much more efficient in their job so that it takes less water and less energy to give you clean dishes. With newer water jets in modern dishwashers, you are saving on both energy and water consumption.

Soil Sensors: When you put dirty dishes in older dishwasher models, they get washed regardless of how dirty they are and on the same cycle. However, newer units now have sensors that detect how dirty the dishes are and adjust automatically the water pressure and cycle used to clean them.

Water Filtration: Conventional dishwashers would pour water in and let it out. However, now, there is improved water filtration. These dishwashers are now filtering out soap and excess food from going down the drain. Improved filtration also means that the clean water rinse at the end is not in vain.

There are many considerations to think about when it comes to purchasing a dishwasher. You want to be sure that you choose one that is going to be on the good side of the statistics. Opt for one that is energy efficient and has all the improved technological functions you could want, and keep it clean and well-maintained.

The various statistics on dishwashers reflect what they used to be versus what they have become. These handy appliances can easily become one of the most used tools you have in your kitchens when you get the right one.

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