Unexpected Uses For Your Eye Cream

Curious about what your eye cream is good for? We've got you covered. Here's the many ways your eye cream is useful.

Best Uses for Your Eye Cream

The best anti-aging eye cream products are infused with properties for deep hydration, skin-nourishment, regeneration, and fading of imperfections and discoloration. Because the skin beneath the eyes is different from the rest of our skin in several ways—it’s thin, fragile, has less oil glands for moisture, and is subjected to every ripple or crinkle of every facial expression we make, eye creams are much more intense versions of face cream moisturizers.

Some eye creams focus on turning back the clock on lines and sun spots, while others decrease puffiness and under-eye circles. Some eye creams pack a powerful punch of ingredients to relieve all of these issues.

While it’s easy to understand why the delicate skin around our eyes deserves special treatment, are there other things we can do with these tiny tubes of powerhouse skin-rejuvenating properties?

What else can we do with our eye cream?

Want to Look Brighter After an All-Nighter? Cool Your Anti-Aging Eye Cream!

If late nights working, studying, partying, or up with a baby are making your first look in the mirror in the morning an unpleasant experience, you can quickly maximize the benefits of your eye cream if you keep it refrigerated. Many eye creams contain caffeine, which reduces puffiness, under-eye bags, and dark under-eye circles. You’ll also find that many of the best anti-aging eye creams contain soothing cucumber and aloe. This is a winning combination for erasing the signs of sleeplessness all on it’s own, but applying it while it’s cold will quickly multiply the benefits and make swollen, puffy eyelids and dark circles vanish in a hurry so you can look yourself in the eyes again.

Lose the Lip Lines: The Best Anti-Aging Eye Creams Can Un-Age Your Hands

The best anti-aging eye creams contain super-hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid which can store up to 100 times its weight in water and actually pulls water from the air to deeply hydrate the skin. They contain ingredients to smooth and diminish fine lines, and also are rich in emollients to lock the beneficial moisture and anti-aging properties into skin cells to prevent evaporation.

Besides the eye area, the second place on the face to give away age are the lips. Fine lines radiating out from the lips can be softened and erased by patting a little eye cream over the skin on the top of your lips and near the corners. After all, shouldn’t all fine lines be treated equally?

Leave the Eleven Behind with a Dab of Eye Cream

While you are dabbing your favorite anti-aging eye cream onto your eye area, take a moment to apply it to the area between your eyebrows. For many of us, two lines eventually appear between the brows, resembling the number eleven. This is one of the most common areas to receive botox injections. You can put off the botox by smoothing a little eye cream in this area each evening.

Unhand Me! Anti-Aging Eye Creams Can Tackle Tough Hands

The best anti-aging eye creams contain properties to diminish age and sun spots as well as lines and wrinkles. The tops of the hands often have as many or more discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage as the face. Smoothing a small amount of your favorite eye cream into the skin on the top of your hands can turn back the clock on your hands.

Heal While You Conceal with Properties in the Best Anti-Aging Eye Creams

Covering up dark circles with a lot of concealer can make them look better… until it cakes up under your eyes and draws even more attention to your problem area. Try dotting your eye cream under your eyes immediately before adding your concealer for a smoother application that will resist caking or flaking. If your concealer is a cream or liquid, you can even add a few drops of your eye cream to it directly to create your own healing concealer.

Hit a Hard Refresh on Your Mid-Day Makeup with Your Best Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Patting a thin layer of your eye cream onto your face in the middle of the day will not only benefit your skin, it adds a dewy glow to refresh your makeup. Apply it the same way you would a highlighter, on the top of your cheekbones, at the temple, and the center of the chin and then gently blend it in for a radiant pick-me-up.

Eye creams aren’t just for eyes any more!

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