What Makes a Washing Machine Reliable?

Shopping for a washer? We can help. These features are signs of a well-made machine

Look for these features to know if a washing machine will last

A washing machine is arguably one of the most important, and time-saving, appliances in the house, saving us hours of tedious scrubbing. And with this the process of clothes washing evolving over history, washing machines have come a long way, even developing in recent years from the traditional top-loading machines to front-loading machines, and cutting-edge features making them easy to use and highly effective. Previously, there were only manual and semi-automatic washers, which required you to manually move clothes from one tub to another for a spin. But now, most of these machines are fully automatic, thus allowing you to do all your laundry work at the touch of a button. Accordingly, you can focus on other important duties while your clothes are being cleaned. Since washing machines are a huge investment, you have to make sure that the unit you buy will give you value for money, and above all, it is reliable.

How to Choose a Reliable Washing Machine

With so many brands of washing machines now available, it is not easy to tell if the unit you buy is dependable. So, you have to understand some of the features that make a washer reliable. Here are a few of them.

Automation: The traditional semi-automatic washing machines made laundry quite hectic, especially when cleaning a lot of clothes because you had to manually transfer wet clothes from one tub to the other for spinning. They also required you to add and drain water manually. But with the advent of fully-automatic washing machines, laundry has become easy and convenient. These machines allow you to focus on other household chores like preparing meals, playing with your children, or just relaxing. You simply load the machine with dirty clothes and the detergent, press the right buttons and it does the rest by itself.

Durability: When you are in the store shopping for a washer, consider how long it is expected to last. Most of these units are considerably pricey and therefore it is going to be costly for you to keep replacing your units every so often. Although most machines come with warranties, they are only covered for one or two years. So, before you pay for the new machine, make sure it is not designed to break shortly after the indicated warranty period ends. As a prudent purchaser, you should only buy your washer from a reputable brand that has been tried-and-tested. And once you have invested in a machine, troubleshooting issues and repairing them quickly will go a long way in ensuring that your machine lasts you for years to come.

Studies have also shown that fully automatic machines last longer than their semi-automatic counterparts because they come with additional features that make them heavier and less likely to move around during vigorous spinning. Consequently, they do not get damaged easily. Also, make sure you read as many reviews as you can on the unit you wish to purchase before you place an order.

Special Features: The ongoing technological advancements have enabled washing machine manufacturers to incorporate special features that make their machines more effective and friendlier to the user. A reliable washing machine should therefore come with specs that make your cleaning work easy, fast and excellent. Such features should include a preset program that allows you to select functions such as the spin cycle, temperature levels, spin duration, water levels, spin speed among others effortlessly. Also, don’t forget to check the unit’s level of energy consumption. Reliable washing machines are those that come with inbuilt energy saving mechanisms to help you cut down your monthly electricity costs.

Some manufacturers are even combining washing machines with dryers to make sophisticated combos that can wash and dry clothes at the same time. These combos come as one appliance that is almost the same size as a stand-alone washing machine. However, these units cost more than the stand-alone machines.

The only sure way to know whether your washing machine is reliable is to do thorough research on the unit before you buy it. This will give you a clear picture of what to expect from the machine.

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