9 Ways to Keep Your Lashes Long

Here are nine ways you can get and maintain long eyelashes.

Everyone wants long eyelashes.

Over the last few years, long, thick eyelashes have become the everyday must-have cosmetic accessory. The eyelash industry is booming right now, and it is only going to grow. According to ABC News Report, the market is projected to reach $1.5 billion in the next five years. Why? It is an expensive product and service. Initial eyelash extension application costs upwards of $200 and require monthly maintenance, costing about $60.

I love when I get my makeup done with false lashes applied, however, I am not willing to invest that much money in my eyelashes and I am sure I am not alone. Fortunately, if we take care of the eyelashes that already grow from our eyelids, we don’t have to. There are many techniques and hacks that allow your lashes to grow in thicker and longer. Not to mention, people will be much more impressed when they find out your lashes are REAL.

1. Eat foods that support hair growth

Eating healthy seems like an obvious answer because it is. Give your body the nutrients it needs to stimulate the growth of hair. Here are some of the best food options you can consume to help speed the process up.

  • Eggs - rich in protein and biotin, two of the most essential nutrients needed for hair growth.
  • Berries - antioxidant properties and vitamin C fight damage.
  • Spinach - great source of iron, another essential nutrient
  • Sweet Potatoes - beta-carotene converts into Vitamin A, which stimulates hair growth.
  • Avocado - contains Vitamin E and is linked to hair growth.

Drinking green tea can help, too. Being a good source of Vitamin B, it also has antioxidants that stimulate hair growth, and the caffeine helps to prevent hair loss.

2. Take off your makeup before bed

We all have those nights where it just isn’t going to happen. But sleeping with mascara still stuck on those lashes can have some repercussions. Your lashes are already dry with makeup on them, making them brittle and more likely to break during sleep while rubbing against pillows and sheets.

3. Avoid waterproof mascara

Okay, I am a crier and waterproof mascara is necessary sometimes. But, you should have regular mascara for day to day use and only bust out the waterproof when you need it. Waterproof mascara is even more drying and it’s also difficult to remove, requiring the need to be more abrasive when taking it off, which is damaging to your lashes.

4. Take breaks from wearing mascara

No makeup Mondays, anyone? It can be a challenge for some, but take a day off from the makeup and give your lashes some air.

5. Be gentle with your lashes

Sometimes we can get aggressive with our makeup removal. Take it easy, use your fingertips and an oil-based remover. Avoid using cleansing towelettes or cotton pads, as these can be abrasive. It should go without saying, but don’t pull or rub on your lashes...they do fall out.

6. Use oils that stimulate hair growth

Vitamin E oil, Castor oil, and coconut oil all contain nutrients that your hair needs. Rosemary is an essential oil that is great for growth, as well. Add a few drops to your mascara and use this DIY recipe as a lash serum before bedtime.

Fill a 10ml roller bottle with a carrier oil (castor, coconut, olive, vitamin E), and add about 5 drops of Rosemary essential oil. Shake well and use an eyelash brush to apply the serum to your lashes.

7. Avoid using eyelash curlers and fake eyelashes.

Just think for a second about what an eyelash curler does. Now think about your fragile eyelashes being put through that trauma. Don’t use them.

Fake eyelashes are a better, not to mention cheaper, option than lash extensions. But, they still aren’t very good for lash growth. Only use them on special occasions and remove them gently.

8. Clean your brushes

Invest in quality brushes that are gentle on your lids and lashes, then take care of them. Clean them frequently. Clean brushes equals clean eyes. Just like you would brush your hair to keep it healthy, it is also helpful if you comb your eyelashes every day.

9. Give yourself an eye massage

I think this works best if you have a tool to help, like a rollerball, but your fingertips will work too. Apply a bit of oil to your fingertip and sweep your lash line. Then very lightly trace your eye and gently press on your lids. This massage technique will increase blood flow and stimulate growth.

Make these techniques a habit and you will notice a significant difference in your lash length and thickness. Then proudly wear your natural eyelashes out and about, remembering how much money you are saving and how healthy your lashes are.

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