Is Wearing Eye Cream Really Necessary?

Is Wearing Eye Cream Really Necessary?

Cosmetics are expensive. Whether you opt for a generic brand or a high-end brand, you are bound to still be investing a lot of money in your beauty regimen. To limit the costs of your skincare products, we like to pick and choose which products are necessary for us. Which is great, because everyone has different skin with different needs. Deciding which of those products are most important is not always easy, however. Step one in making this decision is figuring out the most sensitive areas of your skin and what areas you will need the most help with.

The thinnest and most sensitive skin on your body is the skin surrounding your eyes. It is also the most active, considering we blink 10,000 times a day, so you will notice the first signs of aging around the eyes. Knowing this, does that mean you must be using some sort of expensive cream to help fight and prevent the wear of the delicate skin on your eyes? Not necessarily. Many of the expensive eye creams and eye products will claim to eliminate dark circles and bags, or remove wrinkles. Dermatologists confirm that this is actually not the case, there is no magic cream that can eliminate these problems and these products can actually be doing more harm than good. That being said, you should be nourishing them using a nutritious product that can help prevent damage and aging or at least maintain it.

Who needs to apply eye cream around their eyes?

Everyone is aging and everyone has the same thin, sensitive skin around their eyes. Therefore, everyone can benefit from using product on their face, including around their eyes. You are constantly aging, so you should be following a regimen for anti-aging. One dermatologist maintains that a good rule of thumb is that if you are old enough to ask if you need skincare, then you are old enough to receive it. You also shouldn’t have to worry about changing products as you age. A good skincare product or eye cream should be suitable for all walks of life.

If you use special skincare products to treat problems like acne, you should be careful about using those products around your eyes and possibly consider a different, less harsh product to apply around your eyes.

What kind of eyecare product should I be using?

Some people assume that the products you use on your face shouldn’t be used on your eyes. If this is the case, you probably shouldn’t be using that product anywhere on your body. The skin around your eyes AND your face can benefit greatly from fragrance-free, clean products. Look for products that have antioxidants and avoid products with phthalates, parabens, and talc.

Eye cream with SPF

The sun overtime causes severe damage to the skin on your face, especially the sensitive skin around your eyes. Whatever product you are using, make sure it contains at least SPF 30. You should also avoid synthetic SPF ingredients that have irritating side effects and look for products that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide instead.

Fine lines and wrinkles come from not only sun damage, but also from your skin making less collagen over time, which causes the elasticity of your skin to decrease as you age. To boost collagen production, you can use products that contain Vitamin C, peptides and retinol.

Eye cream for dry skin

If you have dry skin specifically around your eyes, this is when you may want to consider purchasing a product that has a palliative formula and will provide more moisture to that area.

Another thing to look out for is the packaging of eye cream. Creams should always be hidden from light and airtight. If a product is exposed to air and light, its effectiveness is reduced. Don’t use skincare products from a pot.

how to choose the right eye cream and apply it correctly

Whether you use an eye-specific cream, or an all-over facial cream, use a delicate touch when applying and avoid any pulling and tugging on the area. Use your ring finger when applying any product to the eyes, as it is your weakest finger. While our eyes certainly need extra attention and TLC, science has not yet discovered a single ingredient that can reverse the aging process. So, don’t fall victim to the heavy marketing of age-defying creams. It is one of the most controversial steps of a skincare regimen, so whatever you decide make sure you are aware of the ingredients being used and the effect they ultimately have on your skin.

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