When to Use An Eyelash Curler

How do you use an eyelash curler? Here's what to do. Learn how to correctly use a curler for a beautiful look.

Eyelash Curlers: How to Use

There are two types of eyelash curlers. You get the traditional one and the heater curlers. Some of you may be dying to know when to use an eyelash curler. Is it reserved for special occasions only, or can it be used anytime you want to?

Besides, lash curlers are portable and an inexpensive way to lengthen and add volume to your eyelashes. The only thing bugging most ladies, whether you are young or a bit more distinguished in your looks, is getting your timing right when using a curler. What comes to mind is if it is a good idea to use your lash curler before or after you applied your mascara.

Another issue we often wonder about is if it's okay to use your eyelash curler everyday.

Well, we've got some good tips for you in this regard.

should you Use an Eyelash Curler Before Makeup?

Experts in the beauty industry like to curl lashes before applying makeup. They see it as part of their skincare preparation. The reason for this is that the mild strain placed on the lashes open your eyes and allow the beautician to see your eye shape a lot better.

What they are also saying is that they do not want to spoil their art work. What comes to mind is when a perfect liner or under-eye concealer got applied and then the lash curler has to be used after the fact. Not a good idea! As you can imagine, the makeup will get smudged big time.

why to Use a Quality Lash Curler

It may not always be a case of when to use an eyelash curler, but if you should do so when the quality of the curler leave much to be desired. When planning to curl your eyelashes, you should be using the best tools for the task. It is best to avoid curlers that feature a slippery grip. You may accidentally hook one of your eyelashes and pull it out.

Rather make use of an eyelash curler that has a matte finish as it ensures a much better grip than curlers that have a smoother finish.

how to Hold Your Eyelash Curler Correctly

You should not use your curler if you fail to hold it correctly. Be sure to place your index finger and thumb in the designated holes. At this point, you must open the lash curler wide enough so you fit your top lashes between the metal top and rubber cushion. It is case of getting as close as possible to your lash roots without touching your skin. Finish off by tightly squeezing the curler onto your eyelashes.

what's the right way to use an eyelash curler?

It is not a good idea to attempt curling your lashes if you do not utilize the right technique. Specialists in the beauty industry recommend that you pump your curler four or even eight times if need be at the root. Carry on pumping until you reach the tips where you'll finish off with a final curl.

If you notice a crimp rather than a curve when using your eyelash curler, stop immediately as it can lead to an L-shaped curve. As for how long you should hold your curls tight, it is recommended you do this for at least 5 seconds.

Following are some dos and don'ts as to when you should be using your eyelash curler and when its a complete no-no:

  • When you are faced with eye infection of any kind, be sure to stay away from even attempting to curl your lashes. You may end up making matters worse.
  • If the pads of your lash curler are worn out, you should refrain from using it to curl your eyelashes. Show some patience by waiting until you've replaced the pads of your curler. The pads must be soft and of a good quality before using them.
  • It is not advisable to use your curler if you still have old makeup coating your lashes. Make time for getting them spotlessly clean. Only then should you apply your lash curler.
  • Only curl your lashes when they are wide open. As a side note, it is not a good idea to curl your lashes if you have just woken up.
  • Do not clamp down too hard on your lashes as it is one sure way of breaking them.

When you noticed that your lashes need a bit more curl, you are more than welcome to haul out your eyelash curler and apply some gentle pressure to achieve a beautiful look.

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