When to Use Drugstore Moisturizer

When should you moisturize? We take a look. Pick up a drugstore moisturizer and use it daily for healthier skin.

When's the Best Time to Use Moisturizer?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and it is undoubtedly the most obvious one. Most of us would agree that taking good care of our skin is essential. If there is one thing in common, we can all agree on the fact that often times, skincare can be an expensive affair. To look after your body, you (or your wallet) might have already been a victim of expensive beauty treatments. It is not surprising that Americans alone spend over $43 billion per year on topical creams, cosmetic enhancements, and spa treatments—making up a huge sum in the skincare industry.

Lucky for you, according to experts, there's no need to splurge on such fancy skincare methods. Dermatologists suggest that maintaining youthful skin is to protect and hydrate our skin daily. This means that to have youthful, healthy skin, all you need to do is to protect it with sunscreen and to hydrate it with your life-saving moisturizers! And the best part is that the experts did not suggest that the cost of your product would have any impact on its effectiveness. More important than the price tag of the moisturizer is the time you apply the product. Say hello to timely drugstore moisturizers!

Itchy, flaky, dehydrated skin—especially in the winter months—could be attributed to many different reasons, one of which is the overuse of soap. Those who over-bathe (such as taking a shower twice a day) are essentially drying skin out. Most people have the misconception that we use soap to remove all oils from the surface of our skin, but not many of us know that our skin actually does need some oil to keep its moisture. Even if you're guilty of over-bathing (or under-bathing, perhaps) there's nothing a good ol' tub of affordable moisturizer can't save.

For many years now, one of the most popular low-cost drugstore moisturizers is Vaseline. This simple drugstore moisturizer keeps your skin moisturized and healthy. The brand claims that its product is filtered three times to remove any impurities that could negatively affect the health or look and feel of the skin.

If it's not the price tag but the time of the day that matters, then when is the best time to slather your favorite drugstore moisturizer on?

Immediately After Shower

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, damp skin works best with your moisturizer. The optimal time to apply moisturizer is after a warm, steamy shower. This way, you get to lock-in your skin's moisture, keeping your skin supple and healthy.

Before and After Bed

Don't forget to apply your drugstore moisturizer before hitting the sack. This gives your skin the most time to soak in the moisturizer overnight. In the morning, you will feel hydrated with radiant skin. Applying a thick layer of moisturizer (especially on your face) before bedtime definitely helps provide your skin with that much-needed moisture boost. Bonus, it would also help you ease into a relaxing sleep after a long day.

When you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, what's worse than the elements of the day that might keep your beautiful skin at bay? Another great time to prep your skin for the day with your favorite drugstore moisturizer is after cleansing your skin. Remember, moisturizing your face should be the last step in your skincare routine before you move onto makeup.

In the Air

Have you ever noticed that your skin feels drier when you're traveling? If you're only half as lazy as me, moisturizing would probably be the last thing on your mind mid-air. All I would want on a long flight is a good rest. But while we're up in the air, let's not neglect our skin. Sitting for hours on an airplane at a high altitude with very dry cabin air would definitely not be beneficial for your complexion. It's recommended to apply moisturizer before and after your flight. If you're totally into the skincare game, no one's stopping you from pampering your skin mid-flight to prep your skin for the vacation of your dreams.

so When should you use moisturizer?

These are the best times to moisturize your skin, but your skin would only love you more if you decide to slather it on while in class, waiting at the lights or even while preparing dinner!

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