Why Choose a Matte Lipstick vs. a Gloss?

Why is matte hot and gloss not? It's THE current lip trend. Wear one of the best matte lipsticks for a look that's modern, chic, and fabulous.

Matte Lipstick: The Best Lip Trend of 2019

If you haven’t noticed, there is a new look in lipstick these days that seems to be everywhere. Suddenly, celebrities, as well as the girl next door, are shunning the shine and sporting their best matte lipstick looks.

Matte lipstick makes a strong statement. Because it is rich in pigments, the best matte lipsticks come in vivid colors like raspberry reds, berry pinks, fashionable fuchsia, and creamy caramels. Mattes are also available in more neutral shades like blush, peach, and nearly nude colors that are hugely popular for a daytime look.

Matte lipstick is trending for many reasons. It’s long-lasting, doesn’t rub off, and neutral shades are an important part of the recently raging “no makeup” makeup look.

So why has the matte lipstick look settled in for a long stay? What are some reasons that so many are making mattes their go-to look?

What Makes a Matte lipstick?

The difference between typical lipstick and matte lipstick is that matte lipsticks lack the shine, gloss, or opalescence found in typical lipstick products. This is because the best matte lipsticks are made with more wax and pigments and fewer oils than traditional lipstick. This results in a vivid, opaque lip color that doesn’t shimmer or shine but makes a bold statement. The drier texture of a matte lipstick means it doesn’t rub off easily, it’s waterproof, and it's long-lasting.

Advantages to the Best Matte Lipstick Look

There are many advantages to wearing matte lipstick, both for practical purposes and as a fashion statement. It’s for this reason that matte lipstick began to make a comeback in 2015, and has recently risen dramatically in popularity, especially with 2019’s popular “no makeup” look. (Which, incidentally, requires substantial amounts of makeup.)

Matte Lipstick Longevity: A Look that lasts

Because the best matte lipsticks are made with fewer oils and more pigments and waxes, it stays put on the lips for much longer than typical lipstick. Only lipstain can outlast matte lipsticks for longevity. This means fewer touch-ups during the day, and you don’t have to worry about leaving your mark behind on coffee mugs and wine glasses. It can even last through a few good kisses!

Matte lipstick’s longevity also means that it doesn’t feather into lines above the lips or bleed out of your lip line the way typical lipsticks do.

Choose a color you can live with all day because your matte lipstick won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

The matte Lipstick Statement

Matte lipstick can make a strong statement. If you choose a bold color, such as a vivid red, it can make you look professional and ready to work—ideal for a job interview. A deep color like a rich burgundy can be a sultry evening look. Nudes and naturals work perfectly to top off a natural or “no-makeup” look.

Quick-Dry and Easy to Apply Matte lipstick

The best matte lipsticks dry quickly upon application, meaning they don’t smear or end up on your clothes. Because they lack gloss, shimmer, and shine, matte lipsticks are easier to apply flawlessly than regular lipsticks.

In order to sport a perfect matte lipstick look, gently exfoliate your lips first, since matte lipstick can highlight dry skin on your lips. You can quickly and easily exfoliate your lips by lightly applying a lip balm and then rubbing lips with a cotton bud. This smooths out your lips and gets them ready to receive your matte lipstick for a flawless look.

How to Maintain Your Matte lipstick look

If you find you need to touch up your matte lipstick during the day, be sure to wipe the remainder of your old lipstick off with a tissue before reapplying. Applying matte lipstick on top of matte lipstick results in a messy look. It’s not a buildable makeup product.

If your lips begin to feel dry during the day, you can add a touch of lip balm. It may take a little away from the matte look by adding a hint of shine, but it will also freshen and maintain your matte to make it last even longer.

Tips to Showcase Your Best Matte Lipstick

To show your matte lipstick to its best advantage, don’t pair matte lipstick with matte foundation. This results in an overly flat, dull appearance. Instead, when wearing a matte lipstick, use a foundation or tinted moisturizer with a dewy finish, or add a shimmering highlighter and eye shadow. This will make matte lips pop!

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