Why Moisturizing Your Neck Is Important

Why should you moisturize your neck? To keep the skin looking firm and young. Find a product made specifically for use on necks, and get smoother!

Moisturizing Your Neck for Younger-Looking Skin

Moisturizing your skin is very important for making it look and feel healthy. In addition to being an aesthetic habit, it helps our skin to maintain its pH balance without being too oily or too dry. And as people age, they'll want to start paying attention to moisturizing the neck area, as well.

When your skin is too dry, it tends to develop more wrinkles and if you already have wrinkles, they’ll look even worse. If your skin is too dry or too oily, it’ll further aggravate your acne while you lose a layer of protection. Also, let us not forget that itching — that constant itching!

In fact, it is important to moisturize certain areas of your body every day like your face, feet, heels, elbows, and of course, your neck.

The neck tends to be a neglected area when it comes to giving our skin some TLC. In this article, we will focus on the various reasons why moisturizing your neck is an important task that you shouldn’t miss.

the Neck Doesn’t Have Any Oil, Naturally

When our skin gets oily, it is something that our own body secretes. It makes our skin look hydrated and useful. Think of oil like nature's natural moisturizer. But, our neck has fewer sebaceous glands making it oil-free which, in turn, makes it more susceptible to show signs of aging.

By moisturizing your neck, you will be able to give it the necessary hydration and nourishment it needs. Not only will your neck feel less itchy, but it will look less ashy.

The Neck has Thinner Skin

Just place your hand against the skin of your neck and feel it. You will realize how thin and sensitive it is in comparison to the rest of your body.

The skin of our neck has its different cell composition as the dermis is slim and fragile. Even the collagen in our neck area is low. As a result, it is more susceptible to get and show damage especially wrinkles and other fine lines. Unbalanced pH levels of the skin, which can be maintained by daily moisturizing, can make the skin get inflamed and itchy too. It can even become prone to infections.

We are Constantly Moving Our Neck

Our neck is always on the move - looking above, looking down, exercising, sticking out your chin, or just making weird sounds.

There is a sheet of muscle which runs in bands from our jawline to the clavicle. This muscle is known as the platysma. Whenever we move our necks, a lot of pressure is exerted on the platysma. As a result of this, the process of aging is expedited. But, by moisturizing daily using a neck cream, we’ll be able to keep the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines away for a longer time.

The Neck needs to be Protected from the Harmful UV Exposure

On stepping out, we are subjected to the harmful rays of the sun. The neck is a sensitive area, that can get damaged by the UV rays which can make it more prone to sagging and discoloration.

By using a moisturizer that has SPF, our necks will be protected from the UV rays as well as unflattering tan lines.

Hence, moisturizing your neck is important to help maintain the pH balance as well as protect it from the harmful natural and environmental factors. It can help to conceal skin blemishes while simultaneously making our skin look younger and healthier by keeping our lipid barrier hydrated and balanced. Moisturizing your neck is an integral part that every one of us should take care to incorporate in our daily routine.

To keep your neck look young and supple try to follow the following steps before you slather on neck creams.

  1. Skip showering with hot water. Hot temperatures tend to strip our skin of moisture faster. Instead, take a shower with either lukewarm or cold water.
  2. Exfoliate your neck area in addition to your face. Exfoliation can help to remove any dead cells giving you a smooth texture which makes applying moisturizer easy as well as more absorbable.
  3. Always pat your neck dry gently instead of vigorously rubbing it with your towel.
  4. Follow this routine by applying moisturizer all over your neck and blending it into your skin. Take special care to apply extra product just below your chin.

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