Why Do I Need a Ceiling Fan?

Why do you need a ceiling fan? Overhead fans cool rooms efficiently. Read about the benefits of having a ceiling fan in your home.

Why Ceiling Fans Are the Best Home-Cooling Choice

A ceiling fan is a versatile fixture in your home that adds both value and year-round comfort to any room. The best part is, unlike other components of your home’s heating and cooling system– specifically air conditioning and furnace- ceiling fans are not of a completely utilitarian nature.

While they do serve their purpose as a supplement to a home’s cooling system, ceiling fans can also complement a room’s décor and showcase your personal style preferences.

With all they have to offer, the features and benefits of a fan are not something you should just blow off. Read on as we describe the importance of a ceiling fan to any home.

How Ceiling Fans Work in Both Hot and Cold Months

Ceiling fans, as we all know, are designed to work in harmony with the air conditioning during warm summer months. But did you also know you can reverse the direction on your fan blades, and it will warm up a room during winter? Ceiling fans, when rotating in a counterclockwise motion keep the cooler air circulating down below while moving warmer air upwards. But reverse the blades and they will have the opposite effect, forcing the hot air downward and warming up a chilly room.

And it’s not complicated to change the fan blade direction. Many newer model ceiling fans include a remote control which allows switching between summer and winter mode by simply pressing a button.

Can Ceiling Fan Fixtures Be A Key Light Source?

Not only do ceiling fans help circulate air, if you choose one with a light kit (and you should!) it will provide an overhead light source to your room. Just make sure to properly center the ceiling fan so that the light can reach all areas of the room and use lamps as secondary sources of lighting for any dark areas.

And since ceiling fans can be used indoors or out, you can cool off on your patio during a warm, summer night without sitting in the dark.

What Stylish Options Are available for ceiling fans?

There are many different color options and blade configurations that allow ceiling fans to work with any room’s décor.

For instance, if you’d like to draw attention to the room itself instead of the fan, select a traditional five-blade model in white or brown.

A matte, black fan can tone down an otherwise bright, vibrantly colored room.

But if you really want it to stand out as the room’s focal point, a shiny, chrome 52-inch fan looks modern, trendy, and stylish.

So, look beyond just its functionality when shopping for a ceiling fan, and select one that brings out the best in your room and showcases your personality and sense of style.

How Ceiling Fans Save Energy

The addition of a ceiling fan to a room can easily pay for itself with savings on your monthly electric bill. According to the US Department of Energy, ceiling fans enable us to turn up the thermostat by up to four degrees without impacting a room’s comfort.

To save even more on your electric consumption, consider purchasing an Energy Star certified ceiling fan model, which operates 60 percent more efficiently than other fans. Add an LED light instead of a traditional incandescent bulb to further your savings.

Another great feature of ceiling fans is that they can be run in place of air conditioning on days where it’s just stuffy rather than hot.

But it’s important to note: a ceiling fan cools YOU off, not the room itself. In fact, the ceiling fan’s motor releases a small amount of heat as it works to turn the fan blades and will not keep an empty room feeling cool.

So just make sure to switch the fan off once you leave a room; otherwise, you’ll be doing more harm than good.

Added Value With Installed ceiling fans

While ceiling fans are certainly not the deciding factor when it comes to selling a home, a new, modern fixture will provide a polished appearance that can influence the buyer’s perception on the house as a whole.

And if you have Energy-Star certified ceiling fans, you can use these as a selling point by touting your home’s energy efficiency, which is important to many buyers.

Ceiling Fans: A Worthy Addition

With their many benefits, coupled with added beauty and style, ceiling fans provide a low-cost, high-impact upgrade to any home.

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