Why Homes of All Sizes Need a Handheld Vacuum

Messy house? We've got an answer. Here's why a handheld vacuum can help homes large and small

Every home could use a handheld vacuum — Here's why

Do you find that you have to contend with any of the following issues whenever there is a need to vacuum?

  • Carrying your cleaning machine upstairs
  • Vacuuming pet hair
  • Dragging the vacuum out for just a small mess

The beauty of utilizing a handheld vacuum is the fact that it is lightweight and doesn't have all the bags and attachments that can make a larger vacuum cumbersome to use. What's more, a handheld vac comes in very handy for taking care of spills and picking up little bits of dirt. While a small vacuum will not replace a full-sized one, it is great as a back-up tool.

What Makes Smaller Vacuums So Unique?

Regardless of how big or small your house is, there comes a time where you need an all-around vacuum for getting rid of pet hairs on your couch or entrance hall. At times like this, a handheld cleaning tool is just perfect; whether it be corded or cordless, it will soon remedy the issue with minimal effort involved.

Usually, it is not until you find yourself struggling with the task of cleaning up some tracked-in dirt or spilled breakfast cereal, that you realize the value of a portable vacuum cleaner. Besides, who wants to lug around their heavy-duty Hoover or Dyson to take care of this project?

The Joys of Having a Quality Handheld Vacuum

When it comes to minor everyday cleaning duties, a handheld device used for this purpose is invaluable. Once you have one, you will think back on the days where you had to cope without it and realize the wisdom in getting yourself one.

We mentioned earlier that a smaller vacuum is suited to any size home. This can be seen with the powerful models that are made available nowadays to handle various medium-sized tasks and even cleaning your car. It is incredible how much advancement has been made in recent years in terms of technology.

Sure, you will still find the tinier vacuums that are not as powerful, and older models can't compare to the new releases.

Do yourself a favor and opt for the later models that boast amazing suction, a host of useful attachments, and flexible hoses. These can easily make their way into smaller spaces such as window sills, car seats, and tight corners in your home that would be hard to handle for the bigger machines.

What Will it Be - Corded or Cordless?

The overall suction ratio for a corded handheld cleaning device range from 2 to 10 amps. The minimum acceptable rate should be 4 to 6 amps, where a vacuum with a suction range of 6 to 8 amps would be ideal.

Cordless vacs' power is measured in volts (12 volts deliver roughly 1 amp of current). They typically have  a suction rating of 12 to 22 volts, which, when you do the math, is not as powerful as a vacuum cleaner with a cord. The average ratio is 14 to 18 volts. The power from a rechargeable battery just doesn't deliver as much power as a cord, of course, the cordless vacuums do have a benefit in that they're easy to carry around to other areas where a cord might not reach, such as your car or the patio.

Cordless models with a rating of 18 volts are on the high end of the cordless scale. This tells you it features a higher suction power.

Other Factors One Need to Consider

We should not just be concerned about how powerful the handheld vacuums are, but also pay attention to the dirt container and how big it is. After all, many of the smaller vacuums need emptying regularly.

Another primary factor to heed would be the accessories. Things like upholstery brushes and crevice tools are helpful. Other tools would include pet-hair attachments and motorized brushes.

What also comes to mind are hoses that can be extended to reach higher areas and tight spots. One would even have to decide between traditional models and the wet/dry handheld vacuum. It is a case of going with a vacuum cleaner that meets your needs.

The handhelds of yesteryear sadly lacked the power to execute suction properly and poor run time.

Fortunately, technological advancements came to the rescue, and the latest models of handheld vacuums are well worth it. Newer brands feature better cleaning performance and tools as well as extended battery life for the cordless models.

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