10 Reasons for Removing Your Eye Makeup before Bed

10 Reasons for Removing Your Eye Makeup before Bed

One of the most common beauty crimes committed by women is failing to remove makeup before bed. Maybe you had a long tiresome day, and you only want to get home and jump to bed without a second thought. Something tells you that sleeping with makeup is risky but you still insist on doing so. Developing such a habit can lead to unimaginable dangers. Here are 10 reasons for removing your eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner before bed.

1. Sleeping with makeup on Leads to a Dull Complexion

Have you ever woken up in the morning and wished your skin was brighter after looking in the mirror? The leading cause of this dull complexion around the eyes is failing to remove your eye makeup before hitting the bed.

Dead skin cells and oil on the outer skin around your eyes are matted up against beddings all night, diminishing the epidermal layer. Removing eye makeup is integral to allowing the natural repair process of your skin. Removing your eye makeup leaves the skin glowing so you won’t need much makeup the next day to brighten it up.

2. The Skin around your Eyes Will Develop Wrinkles and Look Older

Makeup and dirt trapped against your skin cause excessive damage at night. This leads to premature aging of the skin and breakdown of the skin barrier. According to an experiment conducted by Daily Mail, a woman aged her skin by 10 years by applying eye makeup on her unwashed face for 30 days.

3. Sleeping with makeup on May Worsen Acne

Cleaning is a crucial step in every woman’s beauty regimen, especially those with temperamental skin. Acne patients with oily skin should never sleep with their eye makeup because it worsens their skin health.

4. You are Exposing your Skin to High Risk of Infection

Although sleeping with your eye shadow and other eye makeup on doesn’t directly cause an infection, it causes active skin abrasion. The abrasion leads to inflamed acne pimples that are possible causes of infection because your skin barrier is weak. Remember that your skin is always the first to act against infections.

5. You May Develop Skin Rashes if you sleep with makeup on

Your eye shadow and other eye makeup may contain irritants such as perfumes and dyes. If such irritants are left on your skin when you sleep without removing your eye makeup, they can cause inflammation. The most susceptible individuals are those with sensitive skin or rosacea.

6. Leaving makeup on Can Cause Eye Irritation

When removing your eye makeup, ensure that you clear everything around your eyes. You may ask why this is vital. Well, the chemicals in your eye makeup can lead to eye irritation. Eventually, such effects make your eyelashes brittle. You also don’t want your eyelashes to fall out. To avoid such undesirable outcomes, remove your makeup before going to bed.

7. Discoloration of the Skin around Your Eyes

Skin discoloration is one of the most dreaded skin damages by most women. If you want to maintain flawless skin, you shouldn’t overlook the significance of removing your makeup despite the situation.

Have you ever noticed how women who wear makeup daily look terrible without it? Their skin appears patchy due to the long-term effects of excess makeup. The discoloration is apparent around the eyes and on the lips. Both effects make you look older than your real age.

Additionally, your self-esteem lowers because you feel that something is lacking. You can avoid such unnecessary stress by removing your eye makeup before sleeping.

8. Causes Excessive Drying of the Skin

One of the characteristics of youthful skin is that glow. Drying of the skin can be expensive to reverse. You can avoid that by removing your makeup before going to bed. What causes this drying?

Your eye makeup slows down sebum production and blocks your pores. Also, the blockage of pores leads to dry skin, which worsens your look. Dry skin requires a lot of makeup to cover up, so you will spend more.

9. Leaving makeup on causes Larger, Dirtier Pores

Failing to remove your eye makeup when going to bed causes larger dirtier pores. The makeup left on your skin gets clogged with dirt. The skin loses firmness, and it’s unable to repair itself and produce collagen. Over time, the clogged pores become more visible.

10. There's a High Risk of Eye Infection

As earlier mentioned, your makeup contains chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. The makeup left around your eyes at night may enter the eyes leading to irritation and infection. You don’t want to wake up in the morning with red eyes.

Even if you’re extremely tired, remove makeup around your eyes before heading to bed. It’ll only take you a few minutes anyway. Make it part of your routine, and your skin will thank you later.

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