Why Removing Your Makeup Is So Important

Why do you need to take off your makeup every day? It really matters for skin health! Remove your makeup safely to take care of your complexion.

Removing Makeup Daily for Healthier Skin

Many people wear makeup on a daily basis, but not everyone takes the time to wash their face and remove their makeup on a daily basis. We all know the feeling of seeing a warm, comfortable bed that we just want to jump into. The thought of having to do one more thing before we fall asleep seems daunting, but it is important. If you value your skin, then you will want to put in the extra effort. Removing makeup will lead to healthier skin and here’s why.

Removing Your Makeup Prevents these Side-Effects

What if you don't take off your makeup every day? You might find yourself with some problems.


One of the biggest advantages of removing your makeup every night is the prevention of acne and blackheads. Your skin needs rest in the same way that you do. By removing your makeup, you allow your skin time to breathe, recoup and get ready for the next day. When it’s not removed, your pores remain clogged all night and your chances of developing acne or blackheads significantly increase. Acne and blackheads are already a frustrating annoyance to deal with; let’s not make it worse by forgetting to use a makeup remover and wash our face.


Interested in preventing premature wrinkles? We thought so! Throughout the day, particles of dirt, dust and other pollutants attach to your makeup and seep into your pores. This eventually leads to the breakdown of the collagen and elasticity in your skin, which is the main source of wrinkles. By removing your makeup and washing your face daily, you slow down the wrinkle process and will inevitably have fewer wrinkles as you age.

Eye Irritation

Forgetting to remove your mascara before jumping into bed can cause serious damage to your eyes. Not only can flakes of mascara creep into your eye and cause irritation, but in severe cases, it can actually lead to eye infections. By not using makeup remover to take off mascara, you leave your eyes susceptible to the development of styes, which are painful, red lumps that show up around the edge of your eyes when the glands that line your eyelid get plugged. Don’t put your eyes at risk; just remove your makeup!

Things to Know About Removing Your Makeup

As with many things, there's a better way to approach removing your makeup. First of all, start with a great makeup remover, and here's what to know:

Tap Water May Not Be the Best for Your Skin

Depending on exactly what is found in your tap water, it could potentially strip your skin of its natural oils that protect it against wrinkles and discoloration. Using tap water also increases your chance of getting dry skin, especially when your tap water is treated with chemicals. We recommend using filtered water instead.

Be Gentle when removing makeup

There’s no need to vigorously scrub your skin in order to remove your makeup. This can cause your skin to become irritated, leaving it red and uncomfortable. While it may take longer to remove your makeup when you do it tenderly, your skin will feel better afterward. Facial wipes are generally powerful enough to remove makeup quickly without the need to apply too much pressure, so it might be worth it to give them a try.

It’s Always Best to Moisturize After Cleansing

After removing your makeup, it’s always a good idea to moisturize your skin. Keeping your skin moisturized will prevent skin cells from drying out and it will ultimately make your complexion brighter and clearer. Moisturizing your CLEAN skin will help prevent wrinkles as well.

Using Makeup Remover Keeps Your Bedding Clean

If the information we posted here has not been enough to convince you of the importance of removing your makeup at night, then maybe this will. Have you ever woken up to yesterday’s makeup all over your pillowcase or sheets? These stains are nearly impossible to get out and they leave your bedding looking dingy. The best way to treat these types of stains is to prevent them. Removing your makeup is the best way to ensure these stains won’t show up.

Wrap-Up: Removing Makeup for Healthier skin

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding as to why removing your makeup on a daily basis is so important. Taking a few minutes to clean your face can prevent acne, wrinkles and eye irritation. Follow the advice we laid out in this article to make the makeup removal process easier and more effective. For more information on makeup removal products that actually work, check out these helpful articles here.

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