Why Should You Use a Setting Spray?

Why do you use setting spray? To make makeup last and look polished longer. Use setting spray to create a longer-lasting, professional look.

Why to Use Setting Spray

If you like to cruise social media apps or your favorite beauty magazines for makeup inspiration, you know how much makeup artistry has evolved over the years. People are learning tons of great methods and techniques for creating unique looks that range between simple and extremely elaborate. No matter what type of makeup styles you prefer to create, one of the best ways to keep your hard work from fading, smudging, or moving during the day is to use a setting spray to keep it locked in place.

What Is a Setting Spray?

Setting sprays are bottles of misting solutions that are spritzed over a finished makeup look. By using a setting spray over completed makeup, it is held in place longer and made more resistant to forces that tend to smudge or ruin makeup during the day. Besides offering a layer of protection, setting sprays are also made to bond with makeup and help it last longer on your skin. Using a setting spray to hold makeup in place is comparable to using hairspray to keep a hairstyle in place once you’re finished creating it.

Are Setting Sprays Damaging to Makeup?

It may seem counterproductive to apply a setting spray to your makeup. After all, we know that making contact with liquid can already cause makeup to run and smear, so why would spritzing your finished makeup with a liquid product help set it in place?

Firstly, setting spray is used sparingly. Typically, two to three spritzes along your face are enough to hold your makeup in place so you aren’t at risk of over-spraying your completed look. Setting sprays are tough, so there is no need to totally soak your face in it to achieve its setting properties.

Setting sprays are typically made to be quick-drying products. After spritzing your face with one, you can fan your face for a few seconds afterward to encourage it to dry quicker. On their own, setting sprays are formulated to adhere to makeup and dry quickly to achieve a finished and polished makeup look that won’t budge during your wear time.

How Do Setting Sprays Actually Work to Hold Makeup in Place?

Most varieties of setting sprays contain polymers or alcohol. These ingredients have a drying effect, so when they are sprayed over your makeup, they bond to it and create a heavy-duty, lasting hold between them and your makeup products. Keep in mind, though, that if your setting spray contains alcohol, it may have a more extreme drying effect on your skin. It is best to test it on a patch of skin to make sure it won’t irritate it before applying it directly to your face.

When Should You Consider Using a Setting Spray for Makeup?

Some makeup artists who create looks that must survive extreme wear, such as on filming sets or for outdoor wedding parties, suggest adding a spritz of setting spray after the application of each individual makeup product. Layering each part of the makeup application process with a light application of setting spray can create a strong bond that will be able to withstand exposure to sweat, rubbing, the elements, and other forces that typically smudge or ruin makeup.

Setting sprays are also excellent for the not-so-extreme makeup-wearing occasions. Most of us don’t want to run off every couple hours to reapply a makeup product because we’ve accidentally smudged it or worn it off by eating or drinking. While applying some after every step in your makeup routine might be a little extreme and time-consuming for your typical day at work, a few spritzes at the end of your makeup application can keep it set in place and looking fresh without any annoying reapplication trips to the bathroom.

However, while setting sprays are great for holding makeup in place, they aren’t formulated to be safe for heavy wear every single day. It is advised to keep setting spray usage light by only applying a few sprays when you decide to use it. It is also important to determine whether or not a specific formula will irritate your skin before applying it all over the face. There are specific formulas of alcohol-free setting sprays made for people with dry skin. There are also lighter formulas made for casual, frequent wear, such as for your everyday makeup look at work.

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