Why Are Top Load Washing Machines Still the Popular Choice?

Why are top loaders still popular? A look at why this washing machine design perseveres

Despite the advent of front loading washers, top load designs are still popular. Here's why.

When it comes to washing machines, the top load design remains a popular choice for shoppers. For some, this can be a little surprising, especially considering that front load washing machines use one-third the amount of water and energy compared to top load washers. So why is it that many consumers still prefer to purchase top load washing machines?

While front load washing machines have their perks, top load washers do too and many models are rich with features and various settings. Read on to see what benefits a top load washing machine can offer you.

Top Load Washers Are More Affordable

Money talks, and in the case of washing machines, top load washers are generally less expensive than their front load counterparts. If you’re buying a new washing machine and you're on a budget, top load washers are going to be more accessible to you than front load washers.

Additionally, if you’re shopping around for a used washing machine, top load washers again take the cake because they have been around longer. Since front load washers are relatively new to the market, there simply aren’t enough of them going around, which again ups the cost, even in the used washing machine market.

Top Load Washers Break Less Frequently

Time really does count for something, and because top load washers have been in use much longer than front load washers, their pieces and parts are tried and true. For this reason, top load washers tend to break less frequently than front load washers, which are still being developed and improved upon by product designers.

Front load washing machines are also more prone to mold and mildew because of their constant swishing of water. Front load washers also get some pushback because faulty door seals can cause water leakage.

You Can Use Any Type of Detergent with Top Load Washers

Suds can be damaging to front load washers, so many front load washing machines require high efficiency detergent that is non-sudsing. This type of detergent can be pricier than regular detergent, and there are also fewer options of it at the store, driving up prices.

With top load washers, typical detergents are safe to use and non-harmful to the washing machine. This means that you can shop around for your favorite brand or spend less buying a brand that is on sale.

There Are More Top Load Washer Models Available

Because top load washers have been around longer, there are more models available. Similarly to detergent, the more types that are available, the wider the range of prices. You’ll find more budget-friendly options with top load washers than you will with front load washers, which tend to be pricier. What's more, new features and technologies with top-load washing machines continue to evolve and improve.

Top Load Washers Are Easier to Repair

When washing machines break, it’s time to call in a repairman. Because of their common parts, top load washers are much simpler for professionals to fix, and the replacement mechanisms for them are easy to find. More repairmen are familiar with top load washers than front load washers, which again allows you a more competitive market for repair prices. You might even be able to do maintenance or repair work yourself!

Front load washing machines often require more complex fixes that take more time. This ends up being both a hassle and costing you more.

Other Advantages of Using a Top Load Washer

Along with all the major reasons listed above, there are a handful of smaller reasons that shoppers choose top load washers over front load washers. In addition to their simpler engineering and lower price tags, top load washing machines can be easier on the back, not requiring you to bend down. They are also less vibration-prone and quieter than front load washers. Additionally, top load washing machines are safer if you have children in your home. Top load washers can also be opened mid-cycle in case you want to add or remove any items from your wash. 

What Kind of Washing Machine Should You Get?

If you’re debating between a top load washer and a front load washer, take some time to assess your budget and determine what your preferences are when it comes to a washing machine. Each style of washing machine has its advantages and disadvantages, so you when it comes to making a final pick, it’s going to have to a personalized decision.

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