Why Should You Use Foundation?

Why should you wear foundation? It's not just for looks! Use liquid, powder, or cream foundation for skin health and rejuvenation and SPF protection.

Foundation: Why to Wear Makeup

Besides the apparent reason for using foundation in your daily makeup routine, are there other reasons to use foundation? And if the reason we do only use foundation is to cover up our skin when applying different makeup, where did the practice come from? In the era when we are told to become more comfortable with our skin, beauty, size, shape, and color, why does using foundation still make sense?

Why do we use foundation?

Adore Beauty explains that there are many formulas of foundation. They range from full-coverage to sheer-coverage, and they have complex pigments that create the colors to fit our cover-up needs. It is suggested to use sheer-foundation (transparent or mostly transparent) to start if you are a foundation neophyte.

Foundation can add a natural finish to your skin that will allow your tone to look even. The full-coverage kind of formula will hide away blemishes, freckles, and other spots you may feel self-conscious about. The problem with self-consciousness is that covering up facial features can take away from your self-confidence.

Another important reason for wearing foundation daily is that some formulas include sun protection — look for products that have an SPF rating.

Makeup as art

However, using foundation for other reasons such as photoshoots (to enhance certain features), wanting to have a dramatic makeup day are great reasons to start your makeup routine with foundation.

Enhancing or dramatizing facial features will allow you to be creative. And, it will also let your confidence to soar by showing those blemishes, freckles, and other spots that they aren’t going to get the best of you.

What if you don't want to wear foundation?

An article on Byrdie talked about different ways to enhance your features using other things besides foundation. It’s a great “no-make-up” article that says to find pride in yourself and gives women a sense of self-love. No matter how you look, you can find strength in your character and who you are as a person.

It is really fun to use makeup, though.

What's the best way to use foundation today?

If, like many women, you choose to find your feminism with makeup, more power you. Experimenting with foundation and dramatic makeup is a beautiful and great way to explore yourself, what you like, what you don’t like, and sometimes you can get some amazing looks out of it.

Foundation for hiding is the wave of the past. Foundation for statement purposes is now and the future.

There are many times where a dramatic makeup look can turn anyone into a bronze goddess or a piece of neon art.

Foundation is part of the more dramatic pieces of any movie and the less exciting date night with your honey. There are reasons for using foundation, and they shouldn’t have to rely on being a cover-up.

How can foundation improve self-confidence?

While using foundation to cover uneven skin-tone and other things deemed as imperfections by an unhappy society, flaws are what make each of us unique. However, using the foundation to bolster our imperfect features can also grant a sense of power that one may not have had before.

What to know about foundation colors

Using different colors of foundation in a shade-range of colors can enhance your features even more. Lighter colors will hide certain aspects or also highlight part of your bone structure you’d like to show off. Use a darker shade (but not too dark), if you’d like to highly an area even more.

What is foundation formula and consistency?

Foundation does come in many forms; spray, serum, liquid, and powder do name a few. The beauty industry does have different skin tones covered and is even getting so much better about getting all skin colors matched. These are the formulas and the pigments that blend into your skin instead of hiding it.

Using the foundation doesn’t have to be a coverup. It can be a great experiment that will help you create a statement with your makeup.

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