Why Should You Use Makeup Primer?

Considering primer? We have tips. Here's why you should use makeup primer

These reasons will convince you to add makeup primer to your routine

Two women with similar complexion get their makeup done by the same person, on the same day with only one difference: one was given a primer, and the other was not. They were placed side by side immediately after their makeup was done, and again 8 hours later to compare the differences.

Was there a difference? You betcha.

To understand these differences and decide whether or not you should be applying makeup primer in your everyday makeup routine, let’s first address what a primer is.

What is primer?

A makeup primer is a product that is applied after skin care products, in preparation for makeup products in order to create a smooth and even canvas for makeup. It’s job is to even out the surface of the skin and hold on to any makeup applied afterward.

Types of Primers

There are a variety of primers that all achieve the same goal for a different area. Foundation primer, lip primer, eyeshadow primer, eyelash primer, nail primer, even hair primers. They are all creating a smooth, even canvas for the products that follow, making them look better and last longer.

Primers can also come in different forms, like cream, gel, or powder to fit whatever your regimen is and provide you with a canvas you are comfortable in. Primer can also be found in a variety of finishes from satin to matte. No matter what type you use, it works to fill in pores, even out skin texture allowing makeup to go on smoother and last longer. The summertime is a great time to use an illuminating primer. These contain glimmering particles to provide your skin with more radiance and glow.

What are the benefits of wearing primer?

Skin Care Benefits

If you have certain skin conditions that need a little extra attention, you can find primers specifically made to improve those conditions. There is a primer for just about every skin type and concern. For example, if you have very dry skin you can use a hydrating primer. Fair skinned? There are primers that provide sun protection. Wanting to hide your fine lines? Choose a primer with a smoothing effect. There are even color-correcting primers that deal with discolorations like redness, ashy, or sallow skin types. So you can find primers that provide even more skin care benefits customized to your needs.

Makeup lasts longer

Because primer is designed to absorb oil throughout the day and has a unified layer, it holds product on a lot longer than if you were to just apply it directly on your skin. If you need your makeup to stay put while trying to function in extreme weather, then primer is a must.

Even application of makeup

Primer works to fill in pores and create the same texture across your skin. As a result, foundation goes on smoother and more evenly. When used on your eyelids, it can prevent shadows from creasing and on lips it can prevent color from bleeding.

Brighter and more even color

Pigment and tone can vary across your skin. Primer helps to balance out the skin tone so that color is even throughout. Especially when applying eyeshadow, eyeshadow primer will allow colors to pop, fully bringing out the pigment of the shadow.

So do I need it everyday?

Many people skip the priming step in their everyday routine, assuming that they don’t need it. It’s completely up to you and depends on what your beauty preferences and goals are. While many makeup artists swear by them, they are also usually doing makeup for big events that may last all day.

For normal day-to-day wear, you may not need primer if you don’t typically wear a lot of makeup. That being said, the overall benefits of a primer could completely change the overall look of your makeup and be exactly what you need to avoid reapplying later in the day.

If you are a primer skeptic, you can’t knock it until you try it. Try out a universal primer, or a primer that is specialized for your skin type. Whether you decided to wear it everyday or not, it will definitely be beneficial when you are wearing more makeup and for a longer period of time.

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