Workouts and Massages: Discovering the Importance of Muscle Health

What you should know about the relationship between massage and muscle health

Do you work out? Here's why it's important to treat your muscles to a massage afterwards

During recent studies, researchers enlisted 11 young and healthy guys to put them through some strenuous workout sessions. We are talking about the kind of exercises that are hard to get through. They did this to monitor the effects of a massage post-workout.

In true study style, biopsies were taken of both legs before and after the exercise routine. Straight after the last workout session, all the men received 10 minutes of a Swedish massage.

The purpose of the massage was two-fold, to decrease the inflammation due to the strenuous exercise routine and to boost the production of mitochondria (Organelle that is present in most cells where the biochemical processes of energy and respiration production take place) deep within the muscles.

The mitochondria are the powerhouse of cells and utilize oxygen together with broken-down food to produce the energy required by the cells. Massage is beneficial in speeding up the production of mitochondria.

How Massage Boosts the Effectiveness of a Workout

Incorporating a massage session performed by a trained professional will have a positive influence on your workout regime.

Many men and women find that getting a massage, preferably with warm, scented oil, is one of life's pleasures. Whether it be a welcoming back rub you get from a loved one or a well-deserved rubdown after a strenuous training routine, it sure is incredibly satisfying and relieves buildup tension and helps one to relax.

There are numerous reasons why it will make sense to incorporate massage before and post workouts.

Some of you may veer towards self-massage where you will make use of all kinds of aids such as tennis balls, foam rollers, and lacrosse balls to boost your circulation and get rid of cramps and tension.

On the other hand, opting for a massage with oil performed by either a trained individual will address the relevant trigger points and release any muscle tightness much better than if you try and do the massage yourself.

How to Recover Faster Between Workouts

Another study done by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and Ohio State University showed that having massage following exercise boosts the percentage of regenerating muscle fibers.

Dr.Melissa Leber from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai revealed that massage serves as an essential tool to speed up recovery time between workouts.

Therefore, the practice of massage proves useful to hard-training athletes who need to remain motivated and driven while recovering in between tough workout sessions.

Leber also pointed out that massage is beneficial for recovery post workouts for folks of all levels of fitness.

One should not underestimate the effects of a workout massage before a strenuous physical routine as it will help to clear your mind and empower the individual concerned to train harder and be better prepared as your muscles and nervous system will not be as tight.

What are some of the Key Benefits of Massage to a Fitness Routine?

Any various instances, adding a massage session to one's fitness routine will speed up recovery from injuries sustained. Dr. Leber explained that our muscles tighten up when injured. Getting a massage will loosen up muscles and aid the restoration process so the muscles can recover to their original length.

Making use of special massage oils can help prevent specific injuries as the muscles will be conditioned to relax and minimize any tension and tightness from participating in sports or other strenuous activities. This is due to increased blood flow to ensure the workout turns out to be more fluid and possibly prevent injuries from happening.

Muscle Relief Massage Oil - What are the Benefits?

Did you know that the use of essential oils for massage purposes can stimulate energy before workouts and help one relax after you've gone through a taxing exercise routine?

Here is how:

How would you use these oils?

With the use of a diffuser, you can disperse the blend of essential oils for 30 minutes pre-workout to encourage alertness and boost oxygen levels. An even better option is to massage the oils, combined with a carrier oil, into your skin for maximum benefit.

If you intend on taking your workout outdoors, then you can go one step further by blending these oils with either coconut oil or sweet almond oil to apply as required under your nose as it will help you to focus on the task at hand.

Before you go ahead and use just any blend of oils, be sure to check with your physician if it's okay to do so as some of the essential oil blends may interfere with your medication.

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